Anyone using La Mer??

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  1. It has been working for plumps up my face and is a killer during winter but not so great for summer........but it is a bit too much money for a moisturizer....

    So you see it as being worth it?? Anything just as good or better ???
  2. I LOVE La Mer. It's the only thing I use. It's expensive but I think it's worth it. I don't use it in the summer though, I use their moisturizing lotion instead.
  3. It probably depends a lot on your skin type, but I'm not a fan. :yucky: Its too greasy and strong-smelling for me to put on my face. But I do love it as hand-cream. :rolleyes:
  4. I use the creme as an eye creme, because it's too strong for me otherwise :smile:
  5. It is heavy, but I find it works really well to prevent eczema!
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