Anyone using Deciem's The Ordinary range?

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  1. I ordered 5 products and I CANNOT wait to try them!
  2. I've tried a couple of things in The Ordinary line and the higher end ranges and generally find the ones that are the two more expensive brands are a bit better. It can definitely be confusing to figure out what's what, though!
  3. I've tried the Niacinamide and Zinc serum, as well as the Vitamin C moisturiser.
    I kinda liked the serum, as someone with combination skin it did make my t-zone more matte under makeup, so it lasted better throughout the day. I don't think it helped much with blemishes or discolouration though, unfortunately. I basically haven't noticed any difference since finishing the serum, my nose gets a bit oilier but that's about it!
    The vitamin C... well, I think you could only use it at night unless you are super dry. It tingles and smells a little bit funny, unfortunately I couldn't get passed it and went back to using my Sunday Riley luna oil for my night-time moisturiser as it is much nicer to use and does make my skin look and feel better.
    I had really high hopes for the brand as I really like the concept, so I might try a few more products, but perhaps from their other ranges.
  4. I am currently using advanced retinoid 2%, alpha arbutin, buffet, squalene oil and waiting for the AHA+BHA peeling solution, glycolic 7% toning solution, marula oil, and rose hip oil. I really like buffet and the squalene oil. Haven't used the retinoid or the alpha arbutin long enough to know if they are working. I mix everything all together with my other skincare, except when applying SPF, and have had no issues. I am thinking about trying the argireline next because I have heard good things. I also will buy the serum foundation when Colours are released.

    I don't love the shipping time when ordering from Deciem but it's not too bad. My orders have typically arrived within 7-10 days. They did mess up my order and shipped me three of the same thing when I had ordered the marula oil so now I have to wait for it to come back in stock for them to ship. I know Beautylish is also selling The Ordinary but I haven't ordered from them.
  5. I ordered the 2% retinoid, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10%, Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F and caffeine solution 5% + EGCG
  6. I've been using their products for a few months and LOVE everything I've tried except the VitC cream.

    I've been using since Jan and have had some great results. I had to stock up today on a couple of products and instead of ordering online I went to one of their stores and the staff is amazing and so helpful.

    What I'm using and loving: buffet, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, 2% retinoid, 10% lactic acid, 2% salicylic acid, 7% glycolid acid toner, 3 oils: marula, argan & squalene

    Also using & loving the primer

    Also using the a mud mask from the NOID line

    After I bought my products today and was walking around the mall with my bag I literally got stopped by at least 6 people wanting to know what I bought and to tell me what products they are using and love. Then I went into MAC and all the ladies there all went crazy wanting to know what and I bought too - it was funny!!!
  7. Have you used other retinoids prior to the 2%? If so, how would you compare them, both in terms of effectiveness and side effects? I've used Paula's Choice 1% but couldn't use more than once per week. I'm now using SkinMedica .25 but only use it twice per week and am experiencing some flaking. I've been using the 2% advanced retinoid on the backs of my hands every night for the past two weeks and have had no dryness or irritation so I plan to see try it on my face next.
  8. Yes, I've used a prescription RetinA for at least 10+ yrs up until Jan this year when I stopped to try the Ordinary products.

    I've had my prescription strength decreased at least 2x in the beginning as I couldn't handle the dryness and flakiness but my derm told me to just deal with it so I have all these years. When I would complain about how dry my skin was, he would say that was aging and wasn't because of the RetinA as I had been using it for years and my skin would have adjusted to it by now. It sounds silly now but I just settled with the fact that I now had dry skin as skin changes as we get older and this was how my skin was aging. It didn't matter how often I used the RetinA (every day, every other day or 3x a week) the dryness never went away so it was easy to believe my skin type had changed over the years.
    Fast forward to this Jan when I started the Ordinary products, I decided in the beginning to stop all other products so I could properly judge how they were really working.
    I decided to use the Retinoid 2% 3x a week to start. Well, within a week I no longer had dry skin. I now have normal skin that is softer, glowy and has a nicer texture then I have ever had - no dryness, no irritation.
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  9. I found out they are coming out with a Glycolic acid serum shortly, good news for those who prefer Glycolic acid over Lactic acid
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  10. Do you know what percentage? Maybe 10-12?
  11. Yes in that range because I was telling them I am using their 10% lactic acid and alternativing it every night with my 12% glycolic acid from Drunk Elephant brand and she said their glycolic acid serum would be out very soon
    They seem to listen to client feedback and got a lot of requests for it so decided to add one to the range
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  12. I can't wait to try it! I use DE but would love to save some money since $90 for AHA is pricey.

  13. Yeah I'm excited too! I was hoping the Ordinary VitC cream would replace my DE VitC serum, but I much prefer the DE serum over a VitC cream (at least for daytime use) its just nicer under make up IMO

    I do like the DE glycolic acid too, but am hoping I can save money when it runs out by getting a much cheaper version from the Ordinary since I am loving every other serum I've bought from them. Form the Ordinary, only the VitC has been a dud for me, although one of my girlfriends loves it, so to each their own

    Are you using the Buffet day/night or both? I am using both day & night and love it! I am loving the Squalene oil at night over everything and can't believe how soft my skin is when I wake up in the morning despite using all these serums. I recently bought the Ordinary moisturizer w/ HA on a whim as one of my co-workers like it as a "cheap" cream to use at night to "lock everything in". I didn't need another cream but thought I'd try it since it was only $5.80 and quite like it for just what it's supposed to do - just add surface moisturizing.

    I'm jealous you are getting the AHA peeling - I can't believe the Ordinary is a Canadian company and yet they can't sell it to Canadians UGH!! It's only for professional use here in Canada so I can't buy it, I think it will be great as a weekly peel. Let me know how you like it...
  14. I cannot use the DE vitamin C at all...breakouts every time! To be fair, most vitamin C serums do this to me so I don't use them.

    I use Buffet day and night and love it. I think it's a good replacement for DE's B Hydra which I was using before. I previously used all Paula's Choice skincare but switched to DE a few months back. I love DE and their philosophy but hate the cost. I know they are a luxury brand so I understand their pricing strategy. I will stick to their cleanser, though, and will buy the liquid one that is coming out soon. That is the one product they have that isn't too expensive IMO. Others have commented on pilling with Buffet but I mix it into DE's marula and have no issues. Can't wait for the Ordinary's marula to come back in stock so I can compare.

    My current routine is to mix Buffet and Marula in the AM followed by SPF. For PM, I mix Alpha Arbutin, Buffet and Marula and apply after AHA, retinol, or alone if it's a no treatment night. I also mix in Squalene sometimes for extra moisture. I am testing the 2% retinol on my hands but plan to start using it on my face this week.

    The peeling solution along with the 7% glycolic toning solution and rose hip oil arrive tomorrow so I'll let you know how my first use goes.
  15. Kind of bummed that the new Colours have silicones. I know many don't have issues and they do make products apply rather nicely but I prefer not to use them. I will probably still order a few to try since they are rather affordable and I'm curious to see how they are.
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