Anyone using a Chameleon?

Kathy K

Feb 24, 2006
Sunny Florida
I just wanted to add my two cents that I love, love, love my chameleon. It makes switching bags (which I do at least daily) a snap. More importantly, it protects the inside of my bag -- no possibility of ink or makeup spills b/c everything is inside the chameleon. The only downside I've found so far is that the chameleon is narrower than even my small bags, so I occasionally have to place my wallet or something else of equivalent size outside of the chameleon so the bag hangs evenly (hope that makes sense). All in all, though, the 20 or so bucks is well spent to protect our precious bags.


Apr 16, 2007

Thanks so much for sharing your blog. It's great! Also, thanks for the reference to the Satorialist blog. This is why I love places like the purse forum. You share time with interesting people you may never have the pleasure of meeting.