Anyone using a Chameleon?

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  1. I have decided to order a Chameleon, can anyone give me some idea of what size fits what size purse?
    I saw the measurements on the website, but I think you ladies could give me a better idea:yes:.
  2. I hope this will help: I find the size small fits most bags. I have a few very small bags that even the size small would be too large for and I have one very large bag (Anna Corinna drawstring bag) that the small kind of tips over in. I solved that problem by also ordering the large sturdy Chameleon, leaving it in the bag, and when I use the bag I just place the small Chameleon inside the large sturdy one. In addition, I use a huge Vera Bradley when I travel and the small Chameleon goes right inside and I put other traveling things (like book, magazine, sweater, etc.) around the Chameleon. I purchased a Chameleon for my mother for mother's day, and I chose the size small for her too. Good Luck, I think you will love it.
  3. What is it?
  4. It's a purse organizer and here's the link:
  5. I took cgsprings' recommendation from a different post and I ordered the large sturdy (for bigger bags) and a small (to place inside). I take the small one out when I want to change takes a few seconds. Sooo easy. My only advice is to measure your wallet....or whatever you plan on putting in the center of the chameleon when it is inside your bag. I have a long wallet and it doesn't fit well inside the centre area....which annoys me.
  6. Oh I'm sorry. I have a VERY small wallet (called a Taxi wallet) so it didn't even occur to me to think about that. Would the size medium work better? You should call Kathy at Chameleon or email her and give her the dimensions of your wallet. She is so nice, I'm sure she would be able to advise you. I had to email her a question, and she definitely got back to me with an answer quickly. A lopsided fit would drive me CRAZY!!!Good luck.
  7. hadn't occured to me either. I was more concerned that I wanted it to fit in my smaller purses so that's why I went with the small. I think I will call her or send her an email about possibly switching for the medium. I do love the system easy and organized.
  8. How well does this work with slouchier bags? Is it stiff like the Purseket?
  9. It's not stiff at all unless you get the large extra sturdy. That one has two cardboard inserts on either end to keep it standing upright. Other than that, it's a very flexible nylon fabric.
  10. pseub, it works ok for slouchy bags too - just gives those bits a place to hang out. I have a small and a medium and I actually find myself using the small more often because 1. I'm too lazy to transfer my things into a medium 2. it fits, regardless of the size of bag I'm using 3. unlike a purseket, or similar, the chameleon doesn't unfold on me when I'm taking it out or putting it into the bag.

    It's pliable, and not at all as stiff as a purseket. The items within it actually help it keep it's shape. I've used mine in everything from a HH Havana Hobo to my Holly Aiken totes...the limiting factor for the small chameleon may be the height. I can't use it in the HH Mercer Satchel (use it well, at least)...
  11. I have a small size Chameleon and find it to be perfect for my needs.

    If you want it to be stiffer just add thick pieces of cardstock on the inner pockets and the bottom, that does the trick.

    I did not like the medium size because it stands up too high for some of my smaller satchel style bags.

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  12. And my most recent discovery is that if I took out the 2 cardboard inserts on both ends of the extra sturdy, it still maintained its shape while feeling softer in a slouchy unstructured bag. Of course, I have the size small inside the sturdy large so I don't have to change it out. Just lift and switch!
  13. I'm thinking of one for my Gerard Darels. Love the bags but there's no interior organization, so I'm always digging for my keys.
  14. ^^ The chameleon would probably work really well, but you will have to check on the height...the medium is taller than the large, so maybe the large in the darels? My tano jetsetter is a similar shape, but smaller, so the small is a good option for that bag (with some extra room for a snack trap or two for the kids).

    BTW, pseub, I checked out your blog - v. cool! :smile:
  15. Thanks! :smile: