Anyone uses Collector Square before?

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  1. Hi,

    I am wondering if anyone here purchase or sell through Collector Square before? And how have your experiences been? I just knew the website and browsed through their Chanel collection.Every bag comes with authentication from the authenticator, which is quite interesting.

    However, I do not seem to find the review anywhere, except an article that they do now have boutique in Asia as well.

    Thanks for your input!
  2. So I end up answering to my own thread :P as I think it would be good to share my experience. And hopefully it is useful for other newbies or those who consider purchasing from them :biggrin:

    Basically, I found a caviar medium in off-white that was in a good used condition for the price it is offered. However, I wanted to wait until after exams so that I can get more information on the site and the bag itself. And yes to have it authenticated as well.

    Though the condition is detailed and you can use the 360 degrees view to see the condition of the bag. I did use the website to ask the question about hologram sticker and the year of the bag from the platform, which their customer service replied within 2 hours clarifying all details I have asked. He said it come with the card but no hologram sticker, which was not so accurate. Yet it was a good surprise when the bag arrived! They did get back to me 2 days after to see if I need to know something else.

    The same day, the bag arrived! My boyfriend bought it after seeing me browsing through the site an entire week and bookmarked many bags! I was surprised but also worried about its authenticity. Though it does look authentic comparing to other Chanel I have, I am no expert. So I requested for authenticity on tPF, and it is!

    So the bag comes with Collector Square dust bag and its own authentication certificate. To my surprise, it does have hologram sticker intact to the bag! She will need some corner touch up and spend sometimes in spa, but here she is my first light flap!


    So for the price and service I received, I think it is quite satisfied!
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  3. Hello, i am new on this thread but i wanted to give you my experience about collector square. I live in Paris, so I had the opportunity to go to collector square address in paris to see a bag I had seen on their site (the gucci bamboo bag). The staff was very professional. I decided to buy the gucci bag and i don ´t regret it. Their bags and jewels are authentic. More recently, I also wanted to sell a pink lady dior bag. My bag had to pass their experts´ exam before being on the site. The last point is that Collector square is a company member of the group Artcurial which is a famous french auction house, which is, according to me, a convincing point about the authenticity of what they sell. I hope these informations will help you....
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  4. Yep I am quite satisfy with their customer service as well. I did enquire information about returning and their responses are very fast!
  5. I visited them whilst in Paris this week and they have a good selection of gorgeous bags and jewellery and were extremely helpful and professional. I ended up purchasing a Bvlgari ring that after a little negotiation they discounted further for me.
    I will definitely use them again!
  6. Hi, there, I am considering a Hermes bag on the collector square site. But it doesn't come with the original dust bag. @candiholics your purchase of the Chanel also didn't come with the original dust bag, but the collector square's dust bag, was it a concern to you?

    Looks like collector square's authenticity is reputable, right?
  7. Mine also came with their dustbag, which I think was not a problem.

    The customer service was good and I think their price is fair as well. They called me a week after to ask whether I satisfy with the bag.
  8. Hi,
    I am interested in a ring for a gift. but I live in New York. How do you find out the duties and taxes applicable to USA?? and how or where do you pay this? please help!!!????
  9. This is really helpful. I am thinking of purchasing a Birkin and the site seems pretty reputable.
  10. As far as I know they have a good reputation and are linked to a well known French auction house. If you run a search on the Hermes recommended resellers thread it will give you more information.
    I went back to their store in Paris last November and purchased a Kelly. They have lots of beautiful bags :smile:
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  11. Thank you so much!
  12. Unfortunately, this is a complete scam. They post items online and once you purchase them, they start charging you various add-on fees that are not listed anywhere on the website. I am having my credit card reverse the charge, and will avoid these people like the plague.
  13. I bought a white leather Chanel handbag on Collector Square in 2016 - beware of the online classifications given by CS!! They advertised my handbag as 'very good condition' which it looked from the distance in the advertised photos, but emailed to say it was in 'good condition' with pictures of flaws and defects (including pen marks) after I had paid for it. I had to negotiate aggressively for them to treat the bag in Paris before sending it to me in Hong Kong. We got there finally, but it was EXHAUSTING!!
  14. I'm considering whether to visit the Collector Square showroom in Paris but don't know if they will sell it directly at the showroom... Will keep you posted if I decide to go in the end!
  15. Hi,
    i'm considerin buy a chanel from collector square but they said that there is no hologram on the bag(who looks brand new) and i thought there is always an hologram on chanel bag.
    what do you think?
    (by the way sorry for my poor english)