Anyone used Sun Laboratories self tanners?


Nov 4, 2006
I did a search for "Sun Laboratories" but nothing came up.... I am trying to find a good self-tanner after giving up the tanning beds. I have read good things about this on-line, and was wondering if and TPF'ers have used this brand of self-tanner. My concerns are that it doesn't have that awful chemical smell that some self-tanners have and that it doesn't go orange - no oompa-loompa for me, thanks! Anywho, if you've used this brand of self-tanner before can you please share you experience? THANKS!!! :biggrin:
Jan 19, 2008
I haven't tried that, but Xen tan is fab for not smelling like fake tanner and definitely doesn't go orange! Can be a bit £££ though. I've recently started using St. Moriz and am really impressed...sometimes you get a really really slight smell of fake tanner but generally its not noticeable.