Anyone used Rosetta Stone and learned a language?

  1. I just ordered Rosetta Stone for German. It was on my 2008 goals list to learn German, as Vlad and I travel there often and his family speaks German. I have heard wonderful things about Rosetta Stone. But I would truly feel much more confident if I knew some people that used it and it worked for them. So are any of you those people? I would love to hear some experiences!

    I wish they had Czech too, but as it is a dying language, they do not...
  2. I never heard of Rosetta Stone, but I took French and German two years each in high school, and recently decided to learn Spanish.

    I started with learning to "hear and pronounce," words, and it is making learning Spanish so much better for me, as opposed to how I learned French and German in the past.

    So if Rosetta is based on that methodology, I can't see where you will go wrong.

    Viel Glueck!!(Good luck in German-I think:shame:smile:
  3. I want to learn German too. I really need some German right now as we work with a lot of German /Austrian scientists, and I have lots of communication problems as well as problems understanding their writeups.
  4. What a great goal Megs!

    One of my friends bought a Rosetta Stone before going in the Peace Corps. He used it religiously for like 3 months, learned a lot of the language and could converse very well. I bought the Rosetta Stone Spanish version last summer but never got around to using it, so I sold it. I hear it works the best if you do it every day.
  5. Hmmm, I'm not sure how useful Rosetta Stone is for German. I hear that there is not much grammar taught on those CDs, that you are basically just learning phrases and such. But I don't know - I've never used them. I have a tough time with German Grammar (so many rules!!!!), but I have found that my German has gotten much better since being here :smile:

    I think the best bet is to maybe take an intro course or 2 at your local CC and then actually go to Germany for a longer period of time (if possible) and only speak German...It's really the best way to learn :smile:
  6. Megs, that's cool you're learning German!

    My dad can speak a little German, but he wants to brush up on his Deutsche, since my parents are planning a trip to Austria.

    One of his recent assignments for class was to tell a story in German. He told me he talked about the time he was in Germany. He was riding on a bus with someone and somehow the subject of the military came up. My dad asked the man in German if he was a soldier (soldat). The man did not understand what he was saying. My dad tried again, this time mentioning banches of the military "not navy. . .soldier" (nicht marine . . . soldat).

    Finally, it turned out that the guy didn't understand him because my dad emphasized the wrong syllable. (He had said soldat instead of soldat).

    I was familiar with that story, but it was interesting to hear him read the entire thing in German.
  7. Hehe . . . I don't know much German, so my dad will say something and I'll respond with, "Volkswagon."
  8. Never used it, Berlitz was recommended to me to pick up a little Italian before I went to Italy the first time... I'm not sure I am motivated enough to learn a language on my own though, so it didn't work too well! At least beyond basic phrases. I thinkt that is awesome you're goin to work on learning German! Sometimes there are also cultural "clubs" in cities that have affordable language lessons, something to explore too.
  9. I *do* need to go and just be immersed in the language more. The problem is that Vlad and I are lazy... and he just starts speaking English to me because my German is going way too slow for him and he just gets bothered :amuse: Bad, right?! Let's all give him a kick in the rear for not being of much help!
  10. Megs, I had been wondering about Rosetta Stone too! Please let us know if you decide to try it and how it works for you!
  11. I ordered it, so I will let you all know my progress!
  12. Megs, it's great that you're learning German!!! It's tough to learn a new language but once you learn it, you'll be so proud of yourself! It truly is an accomplishment!

    My parents came to America when they were in their late 40s - early 50s and they had / still having such a hard time learning the language. They received Rosetta Stone courses as a gift and are loving them! Of course, my sister and I try to help them out whenever we visit (speak English at home) but I do think the courses are working for them.

    My sister bought Spanish courses (she works at a hospital where many patients are Spanish) and her bf bought Russian. They're both loving them, too.

    I, personally, never tried Rosetta Stone but from what I heard, they're pretty good! I do want to learn French or Italian (my bf's family speaks Italian), so, who knows, maybe I'll try it!

    Good luck, Megs! And tell Vlad to be patient! :yes:
  13. Try to do a search for free learning podcasts too...don't know if there any for German, but there are a bunch for French, some are really good.
  14. I heard great things about Rosetta Stone. I'm contemplating getting to Korean version. I look forward to your progress.