anyone used pilates dvd??

  1. Hi guys, i was looking all over Amazon and eBay and i got overwhelmed by the choices out there for how to do pilates on dvd.. any reccomendations????
    Thanks :smile:
  2. I have about 10 Pilates DVDs that I've never used. LOL! But I can recommend "The Pilates Body" by Brooke Siler. It's a book that explains the exercises pretty clearly. I've just started taking a mat class at my ballet studio. So far, so good.
  3. I like 10 Minute Solution Pilates. There are exercises for your whole body, each section is 10 minutes long. This video is great for people who don't have to go to the gym. I think I got my copy for less than $10 :smile:
  4. thanks so much guys but about the 10 minute dvd - does it work? im just a little skeptical b/c can 10 min really help you get toned? im asking b/c in the other threads ppl suggest at least 30 min of workout.. does anyone know? thanks!!
  5. Pilates for Weight Loss DVD by Gaiam

    This one is FABULOUS!!!! I used to do this a few years ago (I would do it now, but I can't seem to find the time to do it). The music is soothing, the instructor is nice and the setting is gorgeous. I can't recommend it enough. Here is the link:
  6. Each section (abs, legs/butt/upper body/cardio/stretch) is 10 minutes long. Therefore, the whole dvd is about 50 minutes. You can customize your workout but I usually do the entire program. I only use the dvd on days when I just want to stay home and not go to the gym. I'm already physically fit and still find it a decent workout :smile: You should check out for reviews.
  7. I was going to ask this very question today. =o)
  8. I have the Windsor Pilates series and I love it!

    I have the 20 minute and hour DVD and I find that it really does sculpt your body...speaking of which, I should actually start using them again:p
  9. ^ That's what I have :yes:

    I bought it at Bed Bath & Beyond of all places, because it was on sale and I had coupons. It was a set that came with a mat and a couple dvds. The 20 minute one is my favorite!
  10. I have a couple of dvds, including the windsor pilates. They are great.

    I love Denise Austin's Hit the spot pilates. she's irritating, but you really feel the muscles the next day.

    Also love Classical Pilates Technique - The Complete Mat Workout Series.

    That Pilates Body book is a great read!!!
  11. A while back I used one every now and then but one day I just got so bored with the damn thing that I put the DVD back in it's case and it hasn't seen the light of day since!
  12. Winsor Pilates Set.
    Denise Austin Series.
  13. I enjoy Windsor pilates! Its guaranteed to make me sore in the morning!