Anyone used Nordstrom's complimentary leather conditioning service

  1. I just noticed this (after how many years?) on the Nordstrom web page:

    Did you know…
    Our Handbags department offers complimentary leather conditioning for handbags and wallets. Available at all Nordstrom stores.

    Who's used this service, and what was your experience? I'm sure it was great - but how long does it take, did it make a noticeable difference, is it for new bags or bringing old bags back in?

    I am more in love with Nordstrom every day.
  2. I was wondering the same thing...

  3. I have never used this service because I'm neurotic I guess and I don't trust them, lol, I'm sure they would be extremely careful but I just can't bring myself to try!
  4. I've brought a couple of bags to them and it didn't take long at all (less than 1 week). They seem to do an OK job on my leather ones but screwed up one of my suede ones by using leather cleaner on it! I haven't been back since.
  5. I forgot to mention, my Nordies wouldn't accept bags with treated leather.
  6. Does that mean if you had treated them yourself, they won't do anything later?

    Is this something they do once when you initially buy it, or will do on ongoing basis as long as you own the bag?

    I'm going tomorrow, so I should probably just ask at the store. . .
  7. so, what do they do to compensate for the botched job? i'd cry if that happens to one of my bags :crybaby: