Anyone used My Poupette authentication lately?

  1. Posting here, since I think most of My Poupette's business is with LV, even though my inquiry to them was for Hermes authentication. Has anyone gotten service from My Poupette lately? I'm wondering if everything is OK.

    I paid for a photo authentication 1/21. Sent the payment receipt with a link to a bunch of pictures on probably the 23rd. Didn't hear anything. Emailed last week, around the 30th or 31st to ask for status (I can't tell the exact dates without access to my home laptop). I still haven't gotten a reply. I tried to call today to the number on my receipt, and got a mailbox full message.

    Has anyone had this kind of experience before? Is she maybe just on vacation? Should I call or email again, or just be quiet and wait? It's been about 10 days at this point...

    Thanks for your advice!
  2. I personally would never use Mypoupette, You can post pictures here in tpf and have it authenticated for free, They rip people off charging $5 for absolutely nothing..
  3. They take FOREVER- only under repeated emails (threats even) will they actually deliver a decision. The only reason I'd pay for one of their authentications would be for an item I was going to list on eBay since they're name is so recognized.
  4. my poupette is HORRIBLE!!!!
    She ripped me off!!!
    i recommend Carol Diva
  5. Yes, one time I had to call her and she looked up my email with me on the phone. The last time, I didn't get a response at all but I didn't even bother calling, I just chalked up the $5 as a loss and know to not use her unless absolutely necessary.
  6. I'd never use them....I'd use the lovely ladies on here and their expertise.
  7. I cannot stand mypoupette! They take FOREVER to respond and when they do, they usually say something like, "it appears to be authentic" or "from what I can tell, it's real", which does not make me feel more certain at all! I have so much more faith in the people here - I would ask them first in a heartbeat! But if you still want something else, I would recommend Carol Diva as some others have mentioned.
  8. :cursing::tdown:omg..di not know their service is so bad..
  9. Things have really gone downhill since Carol left I think.. and if I were to pay, I'd request Carol's services. :yes:
  10. Thanks ladies. It sounds like this is totally the norm and I shouldn't feel bad about being a pest. I'll pester My Poupette more. I did have the bag authenticated on tPF already, but since it's a very pricey Hermes Birkin, I wanted the extra assurance from My Poupette also. I had checked with Carol Diva and she doesn't do Hermes, unfortunately. Sorry to ask about another brand on the LV sub-forum, but I figured you were likely to have the most My Poupette experience.
  11. I had the same problem--the auction had ended by the time they got back to me. The ONLY way to reach them is phone--they seem to just not respond to emails. I have since stopped using them. I use the one-two combo of my own knowledge and tPF, as well as the cautious reliance on more usual measures like trusted sellers, appropriate past FB, and finally in-store authentications.

  12. Their fee is $10.00 now.
  13. CarolDiva is wonderful as is the authentication thread on TPF. My poupette is great for listing items on eBay for buyers' assurance since they are well-known for LV authentications.
  14. On eBay's "I want it now" service I found a defamatory posting about them. I will not it, because I think it's about someone looking for a class action against them. It mentions the owner by name. Maybe they are getting out of the business. It's a shame, really, because they are probably trying to to a good thing and their business grew too quickly.
  15. I agree - Carol is wonderful and very prompt in getting back to you