Anyone used Japan deputy services?

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  1. I was looking at some things on yahoo auction jp and I was wondering if anyone has used a deputy service (i think thats what they call them)

    A deputy service is a company that can bid on items for you and then if you win the item gets shipped to their office and will be shipped to you later. There are a few of them for Japan since most sellers and shops don't ship international.

    Some are:

    Has anyone used one? Is it worth the shipping and commission charges? How long does it take to get to you?

  2. i use one but its not listed above, i've used it several times and it is not only fast, SUPER professional/nice tone, and leaves me goodies (candy/sweets) andddddd i never get hit for duties which is nice

    more info:

    SharpServiceJapan - japan proxy

    Welcome all to


    A New Proxy Service brought that has launched from Japan
    Two Locations in Fukuoka and Tokyo

    Some of the many possibilities for you

    Lad Musician
    Red Moon
    Sugar Cane Jeans
    Mastermind Japan
    Number Nine
    Diet Butcher Slim Skin
    Japanese Rare Denims

    And much much more you name it we can get it

    We also have a direct link to numerous stores and suppliers here in Japan so
    email us any request over.

    We take all orders for all Japanese items.

    SharpServiceJapan can order from
    - yahoo auctions, zozo rakuten stores,
    - Also store pick-ups are fine also
    - All websites (brands) and boutiques ...see list of stores on our website.
    - In the coming weeks we will also be offering a unique service with access
    to over 1000 Japanese Cars (new + old)
    - Japanese Manga / Magazines / Animation / Japanese Memorabilia

    Payment + Fees
    We accept and can take paypal / moneybookers / Bank-Bank Transfers (UK
    Account + Japanese Accounts). All major credit/debit card payments accepted
    via moneybookers + paypal!

    For more information please visit

    For any immediate inquiries please email to or

    Hide and Hayashi

    Business hours:
    Please send us your order at anytimes. We are available during Japan Standard
    Time (JST) 9:00 - 22:00 7 days a week. We will respond as soon as possible
    during these hours. If orders / inquiries are sent not during these hours we
    will reply to you as soon as possible.

    **All Items sent either from both our locations are marked as gifts so you will avoid usually the customs taxes**

    good luck! i've always worked with hide-san and he aces every time. usually i get it within a few days, i feel like my order from sephora (domestic) takes longer! (however a few times i've ordered from instead of japanese store and the time depends on how fast *that* shipper (of the auction) ships to hide-san so he can send it to me.
  3. thanks!
    i'll look at their site
    i want it quick and painless!
  4. Hi there,

    just leave this post here, would be great if it helps to somebody ;) - new Japan shopping and bidding service agency. They are new but already in trend.
  5. Thanks for info. I like them......