Anyone used Dr. Brandt??

  1. Hey everyone!
    Just wanted to find out if any of you discerning ladies have used skincare by Dr. Brandt..Sephora rates them as very good ...but since I have sensitive skin, I'm really careful!

    They have a line called the 'pores no more' (I have huge pores LOL) just wondering if anyone could offer me any insights!

    TIA! :heart:
  2. I am like you - a sensitive flower(!) - and when I tried Dr Brandt, it was a disaster. I came out in red, almost burned patches of skin within minutes. In fact, it stung so much I had to wash and rewash my face in cool water to relieve the stinging. It may well have been that I chose the wrong product (can't remember what it was alas), but I would not touch the range again. I am sure there are others with more positive experiences to redress the balance though, so don't let my story alone put you off.
  3. hi there..thanks for your insight..I'm sorry to hear that happened to you though!
    So, if you don't mind, may I know what products you are using now?
  4. hmmm dr brandt worked fine for me like their poreeffect line. but like any other facewash or pimple cream it wore off after a couple of months... as in it stopped working for me.

    I guess i cant relate to you so much because I dont think I have such a sensitive skin like you do... try boscia or peter thomas roth?? GOODLUCK!