Anyone used a mini bike?

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  1. Also known as a pedal exerciser? here's a link to one at the sharper image so you know what I'm talking about: Sharper Image : Stationary Bikes : Portable Exercise Cycle Bike.

    If you have, is it the same as using a reclining bike or is it basically useless?

    I mean, I like the idea of a something I can used while watching tv and then put away (I used to have a folding bike but that was another time and place) but if it really doesn't give any tone or calorie burn, i don't want it.

    So, if you've used on, let me know! :smile:
  2. I have heard they are not very effective.
  3. Yes, that's what I was afraid of. But have you ever used one?
  4. I haven't to be honest with you, I know I read some review about them somewhere, but I can't remember where! I will let you know if it comes to me.