Anyone used a CHILLOW?

  1. My husband is constantly hot (while I am constantly cold) and today some article he was looking at on ways to get better sleep recommended a "chillow." :confused1: Has anyone used one? How does it work? Do you fill it with water every night? TIA!
  2. I remember reading about these in that Skymall catalog they have in the back of the seats of airplanes lol..
    You "activate it" once by adding water, then you're done. but here's the official site:
    SoothSoft - The Official Home of Chillow and Canine Cooler

    And a description I found on another site:
    "Chillow Comfort Device is designed to keep your pillow cool. The Chillow Comfort Device is a steady, lasting, and super comforting sensation which doesn’t blow air, make noise, or cost money to run. There is no product in the world like it. Just activate it one time, and leave it in your pillow full-time. Its very soothing and relaxing effect will give you super sleep night after night- you’re never too hot, you’re never too’re always perfectly comfortable!"

    And a little more from another site:
    "This heavy duty enclosure is filled with a special foam/gel. Just add water to the fill port and place it in your pillow case with the medical-grade cloth face up. The Chillow pulls heat away from your head, quickly dropping the surface temperature."
  3. How funny! Yes, my husband uses a chillow and swears by it. He is always hot, so he flips the pillow all night long. The chillow has put an end to the pillow flipping. You just fill it with water and slip it inside your pillowcase. If my arm touches it by accident, he accuses me of trying to heat up his chillow (and yes, that darn thing is cold when I accidentally touch it). I sleep under an electric blanket, and he sleeps under just a sheet. Our body temperatures are completely opposite.
  4. interesting. i've never even heard of a chillow before this thread. :p
  5. Too funny... I was telling my bf how I NEED one last night. hehe.
  6. Gee I haven't even heard of one until now...interesting....
  7. Never heard of a Chillow before. It would probably be good to have during the hot summer nights.