anyone use their PCE card? last night i got..


Nov 9, 2008
Finding my New Normal
well, i was set on getting 3 bags. the Large Carly Carryall, Large Black & Silver Sabrina and the Black & Silver op art shoulder bag.

That was my budget....... *sigh*

i really wanted to get the Carly carryall, but a lady in the store was looking around carrying her Lindsay Shopper. :drool:

so i ended up changing my mind..., got the black on black large Penelope Spector instead of the Carly Carryall.

im not a big fan of the Carly, but i really like to the plain look of the large Carryall and it feels good on my shoulder. so, that i suppose will be another day.

i really hope i like my Spector as my store didn't have it. so ordered sight unseen. it was very pricey. since i did see the Lindsey i would feel much better if would have been able to get her instead of the Penelope, and she was really beautiful.

i would be really sad if the Penelope ended up in the outlets like the Legacy's i purchased at FP last year.

so......., i did get three bags,
Large Sabrina, Blk/Silver
Madison Shoulder - Black op art / Silver
and the large Black Penelope Spector shopper.
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