Anyone use their LV bag for school? Dilemma...

  1. I just bought the Monogram Canvas Batignolles Horizontal yesterday night. :smile:

    I had been debating over the Neverfull and the Batignolles, but my mother preferred I got the latter (it did look sturdier/handles seemed stronger than those of the Neverfull + it looked nicer to her). But upon unpacking it @ home, I tried to squeeze in my 5-subject notebook & while it did fit, it was a bit tight. My laptop is very tiny & weighs 3 pounds, so I tried putting that in too. But that leaves very little room for anything else now!

    Should I exchange the Batignolles for the Neverfull? The SA mentioned the Neverfull is definitely more of a "regular use" bag, and the Batignolles seems a lot stiffer for school. I'm worried about the Neverfull's handles digging into my shoulders, but it seems a lot more appealing now!
  2. when i was still in school i used my Batignolles Horizontal and Popincourt Haut for school. the Batignolles Horizontal is a great size, can hold a lot, and very comfortable
  3. i have the neverfull GM...i tried it for school and i don't think it really works...after a while the weight will make the straps dig in to your i have my 5-Sub Notebook and a few folders in it...and i carry my books in my hand
  4. i say stick with the BH, the straps on the neverfull just don't seem as sturdy. can you try unbuckling the sides to make it a bit wider?
  5. I know this isn't an option but I would just use a backpack... It saves the strain on your shoulders and you aren't risking an LV in school. I was going to use my speedy but just decided on a backpack :sad:
  6. Yup, I use my Cabas Mezzo when I'm carrying larger textbooks and my Batignolles Horizontal when I'm carrying notebooks.
  7. I've seen alot of Neverfull GM's around my school, and they look like they do the job. I asked one of the girls, and she said that her SA told her it holds up to like 400 lbs even though the straps are so thin. I would go for a neverfull, the horizontal is too structured, and might take a while to break in. Plus I think the Neverfull looks more youthful :yes:
  8. Get a neverfull..I think it would work better.
    I was thinking about getting a dameir neverfull for school, when it comes out. I'm not really sure.
  9. Thanks for all the input, everyone! Sadly, I have gone over it with my mom... we put two of my notebooks inside (w/cardboard on the bottom), it was okay, but still snug space-wise for anything else. My mom also pointed out to me that the handles-attached-to-the-bag area would eventually puff out (she said this happens from personal experience) because of weight. She's against the Neverfull as well, so I think I will exchange the bag for a Speedy for occasional use instead. ;)

    Perhaps next year when I'm in college, I could use the Batignolles, but I guess not today. :shame:
  10. Agreed. You can toss a regular backpack around + if it tears or if a pen just happens to explode inside the bag (it happens), it won't be that big of a deal.

    Exchange the BH and get a nice LV handbag instead. :yes:
  11. I use my Nerfull MM for school when I don't have PE (because of stealing in the wardrobe). Sometimes when I have a lot of books the bag hurts on my shoulders.
    I'm the only girl at my school who has authentic LV's. I think everybody thinks I wear fakes too :smile: They have no idea!
  12. i'm in college and use the bh
    i had to get used to the bag but now i love it
    i did buy smaller notebooks, not the A4 ones but a bit smaller
    that works a lot better
  13. I think if you loosen the side buckles you should be ok.