Anyone use their dior detective chic?

  1. Way back when I bought the dior detective chic thing (you know, the one that looks like a cute wallet) I didn't want to use it, just collect it. However, now I really love the concept of toting around one of these things but am reluctant to use my one and only. If I had known I'd have bought two! Can anyone tell me if these are still available anywhere? And for girls who have used theirs what do you think about it? I bought the one that is a highlighter rather than a bronzer. I wish you could go to dior and get refills for this because I love the case!
  2. i bought that too!!! (in beige vibration)
    i'm not sure if there are places that still have it since it is limited edition. maybe you can try some online websites.
    sometimes i use 1 color for eyeshadow.
    sometimes i blend all of them and use it as blush
    sometimes i only use the light colors for highlights.
    i really like this product.
  3. Thanks bluewin, I just wish dior made it refillable. Perhaps I'll have a wander to the dior counter and ask them.
  4. I have it too, but I don't use it very often! love it tho!
  5. i have this and use it daily along my cheekbones. i purchased the beigey colour and use the two pink colours along my cheeks, very rarely ill use the brown sometimes as eyeshadow. i also have the coloured version, it was for collecting but tbh i have all the ones theyve released for ages and never collected any so i dont see the point in collecting one.
  6. the brown color makes a really good natural eyeshadow.
    also, i had the opportunity of having a dior make up artist putting make up on me once. he blends all the colors in beige vibration and sort of use it as a blush base before applying a pink blush on me. i think that is good use if you are trying to use the brown some more.