Anyone use their Capucines BB as an everyday and workbag?


Dec 2, 2019
Hi All! I'm looking to add a Capucines BB to my collection and wanted to know if any Capucines owners use their bag as an everyday/work bag? It is definitely an elegant bag, but I love that the bag is understated. And if you do use it as an everyday/workbag, how do you pack it? Thanks in advance!!!!


Dec 29, 2007
I use it as a work bag but on a 1-2 weeks straight basis. I alternate with my other bags if not they might feel left out :lol:
I think you can use it however you want because it is your bag after all. So as long your happy with it.
It's heavy for me when I fill it up but it sure turns heads everytime I'm using it.
I'd say this is my best purchase from LV out of my whole collection and definitely no regrets.
Hopefully you are able to add one to your collection soon! :graucho::happydance:
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