Anyone use the Perfo Pochette Plate as a wallet? Is it too big?

  1. I've tried using my Groom Cles as a wallet but it's just too small. I hate having to stuff my bills into the's kind of a pain. I really love the MC Cozy purse but the girl I talked to at LV said it's way to small for what I want to use it for and talked me out of ordering it :sad:. I really want something for about 5 cards, money, change, and lotto tickets for around 300.
  2. You should be able to fit that :smile:
  3. I agree..that should be able to fit the things you need it to :yes:
  4. I would say that the perfo wallet would fit it but if not then a wapity would.
  5. I agree with twinkle.tink and Rebecca.......should fit..... or have you considered the ludlow wallet? it's bigger
  6. The Ludlow wallet would be a good size and it's $255 (mono and damier) and $335 (vernis). :yes:
  7. I use mine as a wallet, because it carries around pens and pencils as well. It should fit what you're thinking of using it for. :biggrin:
  8. Well, I looked at the picture of it and I liked it but it didn't look like it had any place for paper money.
  9. I think it's meant for you to fold the bills then shove them into the slots
  10. Yeah the ludlow is ok but if you're like me and don't want to fold your money up in quarters then put it in the snap pocket, it's probably not the wallet for you. I have a ludlow in vernis and rarely ever use it because of it.
    The billfolds are nice..I have one and use it in my pochettes.
    This one has 6 CC slots and is $270.
    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Louis Vuitton,Monogram Six Card Billfold,women, fashi

    And then for change, maybe get a mono cles?
  11. Try a Wapity. It can hold lots of stuff including a cell phone.
  12. I've been TOTALLY IN LOVE with the Perforation Pochette Plates lately...They're much more USEFUL than I thought (for me, that is)! You can DEFINITELY use it as a wallet, it's big enough to fits LOTS of normal wallet contents, and it's VERY LIGHT in weight due to minimal hardware. I LOVE it to pieces! I use it not only inside other bags, but also on its own as a clutch when running errands...

    These pics show some of the stuff I have in one of mine today, but as you can see there's plenty of room left for papers, receipts, cards, $$, etc! And notice that my BlackJack phone/PDA is huge!!

    I think you'll LOVE IT if you get it!:heart:

    PochMC 085.jpg PochMC 073.jpg PochMC 079.jpg

  13. Wow :nuts: ...Thanks so much for posting pictures! I am sold on it now! I was thinking about getting the orange but yours is beautiful! That fushcia color is so much different that how it looks on the LV website. It looks really pretty! Now I'm or fushcia??
  14. ORANGE!! ORANGE!!:yes:
    I actually like my orange one much better...Not a fan of pink, but I just happen to be using the Fuchsia today so I got pics of that one...

    I can post pics of the orange one tomorrow...
  15. Wow the the plate fits alot! What is the price?