anyone use the Bioelements skin care line?

  1. I've been using this for a was recommended by this aesthetician i went to far a facial. It was a time when i was eating poorly and started getting these tiny pimples on my forehead... so the lady recommended that i get this cleanser, breakout control creme, toner and moisturizer... but i still have those mini- forehead pimples....and it really bothers me!!! i don't think this line is working for me and i paid alot for it...

    want to know if someone else is using it and what they think of it..
  2. Bioelements is a great product line, my esthetician uses most of those products for my facial, she doesn't know I've been looking at her stuff, but the decongestant is great, yep they're a winner!!!
  3. My friend who is an esthetician swears by this line! she has given me a few products, which I love!
  4. I used some samples and its really great! But a tad too expensive for me. Their moisturizing gels are really good! I did buy one of the masks and its done wonders!