Anyone use the 35cm Birkin as a workbag? Report here!

  1. As the topic states, anyone here uses the 35cm as a workhorse ie: putting documents, folders, etc, as an everyday work bag.
    Please share your views, both good and bad.

    I'm sure the 35 all packed up with documents would be heavy! If possible, please share what size are the documents ie: A4, legal or letter-sized ?

    thanks :flowers:
  2. Workbag? Kinda.... she DOES carry folders (letter sized, Ms B is a 35cm evergrain) for me and it's nice to keep business under the radar!

    Buuuuuuuuuuut not everyday. Those are only on days I'm out and about with work. Most of the time she's mostly just got her bagmate, a wallet, some odds and ends, and she's already heavy enough!! :sweatdrop:

    Love evergrain. Makes my arms look a little more toned! :rolleyes:
  3. I do from time to time, as the occasion demands.

    I put almost everything in. A4 fits in no problem at all. I've also put in loads of other stuff - promotional catalogs, Vogue (UK, hence larger format than US), the FT or the Trib, folded.

    All fit in nicely without sticking out, which is why I prefer the 35 over the 30, which would have similar contents peeking out.

    Yes, you CAN load it with tons. But the trouble is digging out the stuff, especially if you've got your everyday stuff in it which in my case can mean as many as 3 mobile phones when I'm travelling, wallet, travel documents etc.

    It gets seriously heavy. Thank goodness I'm pretty strong.
  4. I have been carrying my birkin to work this summer... Similar to Angelfish...I carry her "selectively"... She carries letter sized folders quite easily...I can also carry my laptop in her, but she gets heavy... I keep a LV tote in my office for times when I must take a "large stack" to class or meetings...
  5. You bet I do! I try to keep things to a minimum so that I can carry it, KWIM. Typically, there would be the New York Times, work papers (roughly 8-1/2 x 11) and a bottle of water. I carry a 35cm Birkin or 32cm HAC to work nearly every day. Occasionally, I reach for a 32cm Kelly when I want a more dressed-up look.
  6. Needing some inspiration :sweatdrop: It's gonna be heavy :push:

    Thanks for sharing, ladies :flowers:
  7. Great thread, princessfrog! Can someone tell me the weight of a empty 35 togo birkin? I too am wanting a workhorse birkin but don't know if I can manage the weight!
  8. I don't work in an office anymore since having my babies, but I use a 35 Birkin year round. I will NEVER put food or bottles in it, but it can easily hold a day's shopping of magazines, books, toys and my essentials. I found that the weight of it became less of an issue the longer I had it. As a rule I only leave the house with the bare minimum in it and then the day's papers/mail/purchases can be added in without problem.

    I was recently at lunch and saw a beautiful woman put her "doggy bag" from the restaurant straight into her Box leather Birkin. That about made me faint.
  9. I do use my 35 bag for work it fits my folder portfolio and all my utilities. I like it except I get things caught in the slit pouch if I`m not careful. I always double check to see if it didn`t rip at the end of the day.That is were I put my phone ,key ,and mints
  10. I definitely use one, regularly but not every day. If it is supposed to rain, I leave the Birkin at home. The ones I use for work are clemence. They have held up nicely--no sagging. Usually papers (next to a large chameleon insert), sometimes a manila folder or two. If traveling, I might have a Sony Vaio in a padded envelope in there too but don't do this often.
  11. My old boss uses a 35 Chocolate Togo Birkin as her briefcase. Whenever I see her, she has it loaded up. I'm pretty sure she carries it every day.
  12. I used my 35 cm as a workbag, stuck magazines and files in it, legal size. I didn't carry it that much, though, just from my car to my desk, then locked it up for most of the day, then carried it back from my desk to my car. If I had to have it all day, it'd be too much and too heavy cuz it was clemence.
  13. I use my 35 cm togo birkin nearly every day for work. It carries files and papers, mags, the occasional laptop (I use a thin Sony Vaio), and associated purse-type stuff (Karo, Ulysse, etc.). It is heavy, but I've gone everywhere from walking 15 min to work, to NYC, to London, to Dublin, to Kuala Lumpur, to Tokyo, carrying the togo birkin as the main bag.
  14. Yes: Letter size folders, notebooks, blackberry, mobile

    No: Laptop, fountain pens
  15. I do.. Its just perfect!!