Anyone use T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers?

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  1. Has anyone use these? I would like some opinions! It seems like the reviews from these are either people hated them or loved them.

    If you have used them, is there a big difference between these and cheaper hot rollers? If you have used them, is there something else you would recommend instead?

    I don't necessarily want really curly hair, just some nice waves. I've been straightening my hair for years, and I'm tired of it. I can't use a curling iron to save my life... :P
  2. I've used them before. They're ok, not great though. The cheaper options work just as well.
  3. Interesting! Thanks! With all of the mixed reviews, I think I may just try a Revlon set.
  4. I have them, they're good but for the price they could be better.
  5. Thanks for the comments... I was thinking about trying them