Anyone use Sulwhasoo skin care products?

  1. Every so often I get really into skin care and look to upgrading my current regime. Currently I use Chanel's confort line for cleansing/toning/exfoliating and La Mer for moisturizing and treatment. I've had satisfactory results with these products but now that I am getting older (almost 36!) I see more lines and dehydration in my skin that I had not noticed before.

    So after doing some research online I came across the Korean skincare brand Sulwhasoo (which is sold at Bergdorf's) and now am very intrigued by it. I think I will for sure try out the Ginseng Concentrate Cream and the the Rejuvenating Eye Cream. But there are also so many other serums/toner/balancers that I'm confused about.

    Those of you that are familiar with Sulwhasoo, is it really necessary to apply the serum, balancing water, and emulsion prior to moisturizing or can I skip some of the steps. I'm considering cleansing and toning with my usual Chanel products, and then use either the First Step Serum or Balancing Emulsion and then the Ginseng Cream. I really don't want to overload my skin with so many products.

    I know Sulwhasoo is not a popular product, at least here in the U.S., but if there are those who use it here at tpf I'd really appreciate your inputs. Thanks!!
  2. I use Sulwhasoo and I love the balancing Emulsion. My sa says that it works best all together, but I'm finding that using the balancing emulsion inbetween my cleanser and moisturizer (when it's really dry) really works!!!

    I gave a sample of the eye cream to my mom and she's amazed by it. Her lines are slowly going away so I highly recommend it. Sulwhasoo is VERY popular in Korea and Asia but it can be a little rich (which can cause break outs) so it's best to ask for samples first before going all out. :smile: HTH!
  3. Thank you so much for your reply nekonat. I plan on using the balancing emulsion between cleaning and moisturizing too and I'm so glad that you love it. Do you use the other products too?
  4. hi Miffy -

    I just started using Sulwhasoo and really love it. I use the deep cleansing oil, herbal soap, and overnight vitalizing treatment. I also have been using samples of the whitening line. here is a good blog on Sulwhasoo...

    I used to use other high end skincare brands from Chanel, La Mer, Sisley, La Prairie, etc...but I have totally switched over to Sulwhasoo & The History of Whoo (Korean brand)

    The woman who runs the blog is very helpful and nice...I've emailed her w/various questions and she replies back rather quickly.
  5. Thanks nicci404! Actually after I had posted this thread I emailed the lady from the blog and was surprised to hear from her right away. I love her blog and have been educating myself on some of these korean skin care brands.

    That's encouraging to know that you used to use Chanel and La Mer as well and have now switched over to Sulwhasoo. I'm excited to start using it and hope it will have positive results on me too.

    I'm so intrigued with all the whitening products. How are the samples working for you? I don't think my skin can handle it though as it can be sensitive reactive at times.

  6. I have been using the History of Whoo with OHUI.. my skin is

    glorious... love these products:yahoo:
  7. I like them...they did not cause me to break out unlike with some American brands that I have used. The fragrance is not too strong either. I noticed a difference but I prefer The History of Whoo. I can see faster results. Both are really gentle. My skin is pretty sensitive and it hasn't had any bad reactions - drying out, feeling tight, or getting red...
  8. nice! what do you use from OHUI? I have never used any products from the brand.

  9. from OHUI I use the cell revolution essence, ampoule and night serum

    and also use the eye products a new one that comes in a syringe

    looking applicator...
  10. I have tried some samples and I felt they were high quality.
  11. ShkBass - I see that like me you are in the UK - may I ask where/how you got hold of samples? I would be very interested to try some of these brands, but didn't see them being sold anywhere in the UK

  12. these products are really quite good .. maybe google and a seller

    might have samples for you to try...:yahoo:
  13. Any thoughts on the clarifying mask?
  14. Yay! Just started using the Ginseng Concentrate Cream yesterday and no funny reactions on my sensitive skin! Actually I already really like it. Woke up this morning to find my skin felt firmer and completely hydrated. I'll be trying out new Sulwhasoo product one at a time and next week I'll add the Balancing Emulsion to see if it makes any added difference.

    shopgirl1010, I have not used the Clarifying Mask but have read some great reviews on it on line. I would like to try it but am a little hesitant only because it contains alcohol and that can be a potential irritant on my sensitive skin. Those that use this, is it an exfoliator or do you use another exfoliator in addition to the Clarifying Mask?