Anyone use So Sexy Hair Range from Victoria's Secret?

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  1. Hi all, i really want the VS model hair. The big wavy sexy curls are to die for!!!! My hair is usually straight and flat, im after alot of volume. And i read up on the products which they use on the models and it's their own So Sexy hair range and i just wanted to know if anyone's ever used it and if it's any good?? And if you got any recommendations to some other great products that would be awesome!! =)
  2. The shampoo didn't make me look like a VS model, but I used it for awhile and it did make it shiny. The best part though was how good my hair would smell. I literally would sniff my hair all day. :love:
  3. Agreed! :yes:

    Too be honest I HIGHLY doubt the VS models actually use the products for their hair to be so lovely HOWEVER the So Sexy shampoo and conditioners smell like heaven! Seriously, my favorite scented haircare line! :nuts:
  4. I love the shampoo and the conditioner.

    I'm iffy about trying the Garden hair care line because I don't know if I want my hair smelling like strawberries and champagne.
  5. I got a whiff of the shampoos...they sell so divine!! I think im going to get them for sure. Still don't know if i should buy the mousse and shining and smoothing serums. I guess it's worth trying they're all only $7 each!!