Anyone Use Pouch as a main bag?

  1. I was at a party last night and the hostess had a Pouch, really crammed full of things and I was wondering if anyone here has ever used one as a main bag? I know people use the mini skinny for the bag, that is okay for cards and change, but I hate folding my bills and putting them in with change because they always get caught in the zipper. Anyone use another wallet in the pouch?
  2. My friend haves a coach pouch and she uses it as a purse.
  3. I think the pouches are darling but I tend to rarely use a small bag and when I do, I prefer my swing pack because it can go over my shoulders and free up my hands.
  4. My friend used to, she had a small wallet in there. I should add she is very tall and slender and could pull it off.

    I found the pouch very uncomfortable on the shoulder and couldn't pull it off. If I want a handheld bag, I use my LVs
  5. i have the cutest pouch that i HAD to have. Well, it's never been out of my closet!
    i went from little to huge bags in a short time.
    Alittle waste, but maybe one day i'll use it for something? lol
  6. I have the carly sig pouch in pool and bought the multi function wallet to use great. WIll post a pic later.
  7. The multi-function wallet is a GREAT wallet for smaller bags...compact but you can really get ALOT of stuff in that wallet (bills folded in half, cards, separate place for coins.) I have a gold lurex one and I just ADORE it.
  8. My hubby picked out a pouch for me from the Lake George, NY outlet store that I carry as a purse. I don't really carry a lot of stuff-mainly my checkbook, cell phone, lipstick and face powder. The pouch fits everything I need. The main drawback with the pouch is not being able to carry it on the shoulder very easily as Krispin41 mentioned.
  9. My sister uses a pouch as her main bag all the time.
  10. I use it for a main bag all the time. I think it's really cute and good for when you don't want to carry around a large bag.