Anyone use Philosophy "On a Clear Day Protection Cream"?

  1. Reviews? Is it a primer or a moisturizer or both??? What's the difference between this and "Hope in a Jar"? - it's only .7 oz for $15.00 :confused1:

    And what about the Philosophy products in general? Worth it? I'm primarily looking for a good moisturizer - advice?
  2. If you are looking for a moisturizer, Hope in a Jar would be my recommendation from Philosophy. It absorbs well and is not greasy at all. I used it in conjunction with the vitamin C powder, and it was great. I have never used On a Clear Day, but it appears to be more of an acne treatment/protection cream, which probably will not moisturize the way Hope in a Jar does.
  3. I dont really use their skin care (I havent tried it) however their body lotions, wash, ect. are amazing.
  4. I loooove Hope in a Bottle. You should look into that.
  5. they say that you can use it as a moisturizer i think, but i've tried it and even with my oily skin it definitely would NOT work as a moisturizer. it has an extremely tacky/sticky texture that's really really thick, and feels pretty nasty going on. but i found that it works pretty well as a primer, and really helps to keep my oilies at bay, and also once you let it set for the amount of time they state on the packaging, you don't really feel it at all. but it wasn't really for me, and i don't really like hope in a jar either-the texture of it seems nice and light and airy, but it doesn't seem moisturizing enough for me.
  6. it is actually a primer but it has a twin the present clear make up is the same exact thing on a clear day is geared toward people with acne as a face protector but the present is a primer for their supernatural makeup i emailed the company & asked them about it since i noticeded it had the same stuff in it

    ive been using philosophy for a while & i am super happy with it i use the acne kit & i have tried many different kits & creams & what not philosophy is the first one that i saw a difference in less than a week just a couple of days i did find that my face was still pretty dry so i started using clinique dramaticly different moistureizer that helps me