Anyone use P90X?

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  1. I'm thinking about buying this system and the chin up bar...just wanted to hear if anyone has any personal experience with this system!
  2. is this a new version of the workout videos Power90 ?
  3. P90X is the most difficult and challenging workout I have ever used. I did about 2 weeks of the program before Christmas and it was just too much for me. I would wake up aching (really aching - crying) and tired and basically too dead for work, so I had to move on to an easier workout - Turbo Jam. I still have my P90X DVD's but they are in 'storage' until I have a bit more time and stamina. Each DVD is around an hour long and your rate will be up and pounding the whole time. I hated a stupid move called 'banana'. When you do it, you'll see.

    It IS the most complete workout I have ever purchased though. Yoga, cardio, stepping, shin-ups, abs, kicking, pilates, core strengthening, a little of everything makes it a complete, killer, push-you-to-your-limits workout. As soon as I get into better shape, I'm definitely going back to P90X. In 1 week, I did more exercise than a month of Turbo Jam. Mix it up with some running on your treadmill and you will be fit in no time AND most importantly, drink lots of water or you will dehydrate quickly because of all the sweating. :smile:
  4. Go here: for the complete lowdown on P90X or any video workout DVD or tape.
  5. Thanks for the info, too. SO has been thinking about this also and I'll be sure to let him know!