anyone use netbook? Acer aspire one? or Ausu eee pc?


Feb 4, 2006
I am thinking to get a netbook .. this is fairly new to me.. any existing netbook user? and how good / or how bad is the netbook?

Netbook seems like a perfect idea for travel since it is like a smaller version of laptop with cheaper price tag too...

I am currently looking at the Acer Aspire One with 120g HD.. selling around $600 AUD.. or.. Asus eee pc selling around 600-650 AUD..

please share your opinion..
Jan 20, 2006
I just got the Asus EEE 901 XP in pink although the aspire was my close second. I had looked at all of the 2 lb ultra portables (dell, msi, aspire, and HP), and it just had everything I wanted while the others had one thing or another that didn't. One thing that really stood out, is the 6 cell battery which lasts up to 6-7 hours without getting hot (like my vaio did) and bluetooth. They have a great reviews as the original umpc that started the trend, and a established green program. Also, an eee forum with experts that is so great with answering questions or problems, even general software issues no matter the cpu.

I absolutely love it, and fits in some of my smaller purses. I only paid 500.00 US total (although it retails for 599) and it came from europe since the pinkish red isn't available in the US (and not sure if it ever will be). Far cry from the 2500 retail my 3 lb vaio was.

This shows a comparisson and you can choose what works best for you:
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Jan 26, 2008
I have the MSI Wind. The reason I got the Wind was because of the 10" screen. I also considered the Asus and Acer, but those screens were just too small for me. The Wind does fit in my tote and it's great for on the go. I really just use my laptop for surfing the web, and word documents, so the Wind is my primary computer as well. So for me, the Wind was the best. But now I'm starting to look at the Lenovo S10, it looks really nice as well.
Jan 20, 2006
The asus' eee 1000 has a 10" screen also, and is cheaper than the 9". My vaio was the same size, but as small as it was, it was a wee bit big to go into the side pocket of my tote (and I had to take it out of the case) and since I travel alot, the smallest possible was one of my priorities. Otherwise, the 10 inchers are still portable and small. I've loved my vaio. When the eee's were around 7", that was a nightmare so the 9" isn't bad. The Lenovo sounds interesting tho...I'm always looking at new porta-gagets.
Jan 20, 2006
I've been taking it everywhere lately since it's so small. It seems to be durable, but I haven't had it that long. I comes with a spongy case. I absolutely love it. I have XP since I have to use windows programs and if you're thinking of one of the new models (900 or 901), you can get xp preinstalled for the same price. I'm not familiar with linux, and although you can install windows on it yourself, I've noticed whenever there's a windows problem on the eee forum, 90% of the time it was from someone who had linux then installed it. I don't think you'll be disappointed with the eee.


Nov 2, 2006
I currently have the eee pc 900 16gb ssd with xp. I didn't do my research before I bought it last week and I let the price blind me. My advice is to stay away from the eee pc 900 with this particular ssd (extremely slow and faulty battery) and purchase the 901 if you decide to go for the asus netbook. Putting my speed problem aside, this netbook is the perfect size for me and everything works fine. I take it with me to class a lot and I ordered a new ssd to fix my problem.