Anyone use Meltonian rain & stain repellant on their bag before?

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  1. Is it safe for handbags? It's a lot cheaper than Apple Garde, but I am not sure if it's silicone based or not.
  2. I've used it on my bags. My shoe/bag repair shop recommends it. I've had no problems with the leather texture or color changing.
  3. i used it on my new Chanel light cloth resortey bag...worked perfectly

    i have another really good remedy for gettting stains out of cloth bags:

    get Permapress (grocery store liquid stain remover)
    dab a few drops of it on a Q-tip
    moisten the stain with the Q and let sit for 3-4 minutes
    dab with Woolite and let dry
    you can also use a fingernail to scrub the stain once the Permapress is on it and before you add the Woolite

    good as new!