Anyone use MAX FACTOR Panstick??

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  1. Does anyone or has anyone used Max Factors panstick and what do you think of it? Do you think it provides good coverage?
  2. I have one, but haven't used it yet. I'm a huge fan of vintage "pinup" style makeup, and ladies on another site were raving about it, so I ordered one, but haven't used it yet.

    I have used Max Factor Pancake, and still do sometimes. The Pan-stik seems to be a thicker, more emollient product, and I would guess it is very full coverage. It seems almost more like a concealer consistency rather than a foundation.
  3. I love this foundation and I'm very sad that it's not as easy to get in the states any more! It was one of my favorite foundations because it never made my skin feel dry although the makeup might feel heavy. I've had people tell me my skin look like a porcelain doll while wearing this plus it looks fabulous in photos. I would definitely recommend especially during winter!

    Even in high school wearing this made my skin better... At least it seemed like it. Now I have to buy it online but totally worth it and better than so many other foundations.

  4. Do you think its high coverage?
  5. Yes for sure, didn't even need a concealer! Just stocked up on some after posting haha. But if you are looking for other high coverage foundation there is cover fx, I've never used it but it seems to do the job well, although pricey and you can grab it at sephora
  6. Anyone know where to find certain shades of Max Factor pan stik that seem to be discontinued. I used to buy it at, but no more. The only place I can get it are Amazon and eBay, where the prices can be as much as $30. I used to pay $8.99. Any suggestions or other makeup that would be comparable? I LOVE my Max Factor pan stik 129!!
  7. I've seen it at Big Lots for $3
  8. Try swapping for it on MUA. That's where I got mine.
  9. i used this in 'nude ivory' for years to cover my red cheeks and dark circles. it's extremely full coverage. however i started to appreciate my skin more and switched to other things that didn't look so obvious on my skin...

    i use smash box concealer now with nars sheer foundation.

    it doesnt feel heavy on my skin like the panstick did.