Anyone use Korres Products?

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  1. Hello TPF!!
    I'm not a big beauty product junkie. My skin is very sensitive so I'm always hesitant to change products for fear I will have a reaction or breakout (had moderate acne since teen years and have finally cleared up as of a few yrs ago).

    I came across Korres products while searching for a moisturizer that will hydrate my oily yet dehydrated skin and found the yogurt cream moisturizer. After some research I decided to hit up Sephora and purchase the kit that includes the Yogurt Cream, Yogurt Mask, Primrose Eye Cream and White Tea Cleanser for $45 (the latter two I don't care for but I will try anyway). I tried the yogurt cream last night and my face drank that baby up!! The cream did not feel heavy at all and no extreme greasiness after use. My skin felt so velvety and smooth afterwards. In the morning I put on my regular Olay Complete w. SPF and my face seemed to absorb that quickly as well! I was WOWed! SO far so good but I'll report after using a little longer.

    I got a sample of the Wildrose Serum since I read great reviews. I also want to try their lip butters as a friend told me they are divine! The prices seem reasonable for "high end" skincare and they are made with natural products - big PLUS for my moody, sensitive skin.

    Does anyone else use their products or have reviews to share? :smile:
  2. I love their stuff. I've only tried the shower stuff and I carry around the lipbalm and use it all the time. Their suncare line looks really great. Edit - you are in nyc. Go to their store in soho!
  3. Thanks for the tip, floridagal23!!!! I will definitely get my butt over there to check out their entire line and yes their shower stuff smells divine.. I'm itching to give those a try as well! :biggrin:
  4. You must get the lip butters, I think i have every one of them and I absolutely love them. They hydrate your lips just enough, the color is very natural and subtle, and they seem to have decent staying power.
  5. love their bath and body line and fyi if you're not aware. kings & queens is their cheap line. great stuff! :tup:
  6. I absolutely love Korres products!! I have dry skin and i use the Thyme and Honey moisturizer...and it has changed the my skin. My face has a moisture now that it never had before and it stays moisturized all day! I use their body butters as well and they are amazing, they keep your skin hydrated all day. I love how they smell and that they are natural products. I recently got the wild rose brightening mask...and ive really like it so far. FYI you can find a lot of shower/body butters at TJ MAXX for realy cheap! I stocked up on body butters for only $6 compared to $21 at sephora.
  7. I am a HUGE Korres fan!:yes: I use the Wild Rose line (serum, moisturizer and mask), Wild Rose lip butter, and Ginger and Vitamins foundation. The only things I've tried and not loved were (like you) the Primrose Eye Cream and White Tea Cleanse.
  8. I have used the body lotion and body butter, the shower gel, and the lip butters. All of it is great, but the lip butters are truly AMAZING! I have all of them but the clear one, but will eventually get one of those, too.
  9. Their body butter is addictive!

    Hi Candace!! ^^Love the vaclav quote ;)
  10. I use their mascara and really love it :tup:

  11. That's so funny you mention Kings and Queens, my fiance just bought me some of there stuff last week.

    To the op I absolutely love the Korres Cooling Gel Cream and I got everyone hooked on it.
  12. yes yes yes!

    I have been using the Korres WILDROSE 24 hr moisturiser for about 3 months now and really like it.

    It claims to "brighten" your skin and it truly does do that!

    I use the one with spf for day time, and the wildrose cream (no spf) at night.

    I also used the Wildrose foundation but it just wasnt for me. (coverage wise)
  13. LouisLady, do you mind if I ask what type of skin you have, I have been looking at the wildrose moisturizer for some time, but I am worried it will cause my oily skin to break out. TIA!
  14. I have the pomegranate lip butter, which I love! It has a hint of coral color which I think is very cute. I find it to be moisturizing, it goes on smoothly, and it's not sticky. It also has a nice smell that I don't know how to describe, lol. The only thing I hate about it is that there's no SPF! :tdown: Otherwise it would be perfect. :smile:

    It says it can be used on the cheeks but I've been too afraid to as I think it will clog my pores...