anyone use

  1. Found some cute things on this website, but not sure if they're real - although they seem to offer items from a pretty extensive list of designers, so this makes me think they're real? I'm looking at their Lacoste Lovers set (his-hers long and short sleeve polos) for $108 - that's a steal, if they're real!


    Adding more info from their "About Us" section...

    About The Product do all we can to maintain our product(s) to be authentic.
    All product(s) that carry, are overrun or cancelled orders of the original contracted factories.

    A SURPLUS customer must be aware of the risks involved in buying any product outside the regular authorized channel of distribution of the respected brand name company.All Surplus merchandises maybe considered REPLICAS unless the proper documentation is presented to prove authenticity. The only way to be 100% sure of the quality and authenticity of the product(s) is to buy direct with all proper documents and proof of authenticity.

    You must be fully aware of the risks involved when you order and thereby, you release from any and all liabilities regarding this matter.

    Hmmm... will look into what a "SURPLUS" customer is... :confused1:

    The Lacoste deal does seem to good to be true, and you know what that means... :sad:
  2. Their prices on 7FAM are way to cheap, that's not a good sign:hrmm:
  3. has anyone used
  4. From their chanel and chloe products, i can tell it's fake.