Anyone Use HAC 45 Birkin for handbag...

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  1. ...and not travel bag? I recently purchased a (new to me) 35 Birkin, and it definitely is not too big, I am glad I did not order smaller. Do any of you think the 45 HAC could be a good handbag, or a 40, perhaps? 35 regular Birkin is the smallest I could go and feel comfortable. Any modeling pics? Thanks!
  2. A 45 HAC is very large. It is incredibly deep and tall. It is most definitely a travel bag. I use a 40 HAC as a daily tote and even that is large. Both the 40 and 45 HAC are considered "Sac de Voyage" bags.

    Perhaps you would like a 40 Birkin? At least that is meant to be a handbag.
  3. Thanks for the input!
  4. Hello, I have a HAC 36cm and it is abit bigger,taller and slightly deeper...Might be just what you are looking for?