Anyone Use G-Diapers?

  1. We have definitely decided to use a non disposible diapering option. :tup:
    From the website I really like the idea of the G-Diapers.
    Does anyone have any experience with them -
    Were they convenient, did they flush OK, do they fit? :sad:
    Thanks everyone
  2. There's a thread somewhere in here about cloth diapers, and Gdiapers are mentioned...I will probably buy a couple for when I go out, but I have NO experience whatsoever with them. I think us cloth-diapering mommies are a rare breed! lol
  3. i was raised using cloth diaper and i have temporarily tried using them on my baby when he was a newborn. it was tough esp. he would wet or dirty his diaper every two hour if not more.
  4. Good for you!! :smile: I have never used a G Diaper, but we clothdiaper 99,5% of the time :smile:
  5. No kidding - all my friends look at me funny and say "good luck with that". :okay:
    These g diapers have a flushable insert and I just want to know if they actually flush or if they back up toilets. Sizing is also an issue because I have to order them over the internet.
  6. I know what you mean! There's that swish stick you use, so maybe that helps break it up a bit before flushing. The good news is that I think it biodegrades in 40 days or something like that. Pretty darn good compared to regular diapers! I think the sizing thing unfortunately will be trial and error and guesswork. And yes, mostly people are saying to me, you're not using a diaper service?!?!?! lol maybe i'm being naive but I don't see how doing laundry is such a big deal.
  7. You got me thinking about g-diapers now. I thought about cloth diapers, but DH doesn't like washing poopy diapers in the washer. Gross him out.

    So after I read your thread, I start reading up on reviews. I found that even though g-diapers are biodegradable, the condition of the landfill will not let anything really biodegrade in a short time. Lack of oxygen/air flow in the compacted landfill. So in that sense if you just toss it in the trash, it's not really better for the environment.

    I am not sure if it's even better if you flush it. It will depend on how much it break up in the sewage before it reaches the treatment plant. I work at a lab in a sewage treatment plant. The first treatment is the usage of bar screen to remove larger particles. A lot of tissue paper, candy wrappers, etc get screen out at that point, and then they are sent out the landfill. So if the flushables didn't break up enough, they will still end up in landfill.

    It's a little discouraging for me, but I guess it's still better than a whole disaposable diaper full of plastics. At g-diaper don't have plastics.
  8. qteikiki, you don't throw the cloth diaper in the wash with the poop still in it! ROFL. When I change Julia's diaper, I flush the poop down the toilet and soak the diapers in a bucket that I have in our laundry room. The diaper doesn't have much poop on it to begin with so it's not that bad, and the soaking removes a lot of the "excess" so by the time you throw it in the wash there isn't much more on there than your hubbys skid marks in his undies...I wouldn't let the "poo in the washer" discourage you!
  9. You are right, I bought a book awhile ago, I forget the exact name, but it was from that live earth concert. Anyways it was saying that paper bags do not decompose any quicker than plastic bags because the landfills are in such horrid shape!! How discouraging. Still better than traditional plastic diapers though. It's sad that we've put so much effort into recycling to help clean up the landfills (well, not down here in the South where we're light years behind everyone) and yet they aren't even effective!!
  10. Yeah I know. It's not me who is discourage, just DH. I told him that we have to flush the poop down the toilet, but he still doesn't like it. He is OCD about laundry. Like underwears can't be washed with clothes, and socks can't be washed with underwears and clothes. I will try harder to convince him.
  11. Honestly, my Dh is the same way about the poopy diapers.
    I wonder what it is with some men and poop in the wash?? :s

    I think the g diapers are filled with some sort of by product of wood? they can also be composted in ones backyard.
  12. I would use a service but I live in small town Ontario and there is no service.:wtf:
    Laundry is not a big deal, but diapers can lead to wear and tear on your appliances. That would be my only concern.
  13. We plan on cloth diapering too. I've heard mixed reviews about the G-diapers (not on how well they work as diapers, but on how easily they actually flushed). We're going to be using the ones called BumGenius (the one-size). It really will only add 2-3 loads of laundry per week to what we do now. I've gotten lots of the comments too. We ordered ours early to show around to family. Now they get it!
  14. I think I will start with the bare minimum and see.
    Thanks everyone.
  15. Can you come back and do a reviews after you tried g-diapers (if you have time)? Thanks.