Anyone use Dermablend?

  1. I have a tattoo that I need to cover, and I also have a very blotchy face. I have heard about Dermablend and researched it on the internet and am wondering if it works as well as it advertises. There is nothing close to where I live that I can go try it out, but if I find that it is worth it, I will drive til I find it!

    Thanks for your input!
  2. i bought some a few years ago at dillards but never useed it on my scar. sorry...
  3. Do you have a Nordstrom or Ulta near you? Check out the brand CoverBlend by Exuviance. I was recommended Dermablend for something else I wanted to cover up, but I prefer the CoverBlend stuff.
  4. Nordies is about 3 1/2 hours away...was just there last week..darn. I go back in a month, I'll give it a try! Thanks!
  5. You can get it online, and CoverMark too.

    I've used both as undereye concealer, and occasional zit concealer, and they work much better on the zits. :smile:
  6. I've never used it but I've heard it works great. I met an attorney who used it to cover her tattoos when she had to be in court.
  7. Oh and one of them will send you a little bag of six or seven samples so you can find/mix your color, for free, maybe $6 shipping, and there is enough in each sample, if you are a good color mixer, to do you for quite a while!
  8. I have never used it. but i have seen a demo on QVC where a woman had a really noticable rosacia (sp?) scar that covered the whole of her left face, it covered over it easily enough and it didn't look heavy or cakey either, so i'd say it is pretty good.
  9. For those who have used this product, does it transfer onto clothing? I want to try it but am nervous it might ruin my clothing. TIA
  10. I used this when my skin was freaking out from a medicine. Dermablend is very thick and i found it a little hard to apply evenly, so I mixed just a SMALL amount (thats all you need a tiny amount!!) with an equally small amount of my face serum and that helped it blend so much better. I couldnt use it with out mixing it.
    After you apply it where you want it, you NEED to set it with a powder or it will rub off. The powder sets it and it stays there until you wash it off. Also, you dont need to use the dermablend powder, my esthecian at my dermatologists office reccomended just the Maybellene Pure Stay pressedpowder to set it.
    You can order it online, but some macy's have it, also I bought a case of it at JC Penney. The Dermablend site has a store locater. Good luck!!!
  11. I got the CoverBlend at the local CVS, I have a tatt on my upper arm that I like to cover sometimes- it's in the process of being lasered away. I like the CoverBlend well enough.
    Sometimes my green color (tattoo) will bleed thru though.