Anyone use Coach scarves as belts?

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  1. Im thinking of getting this Oblong Scarf...

    and using it as a belt(since I cant find one I realllly like), I would use the Zebra side. I would be wearing it like a "corset" type belt(ex: ), do you think it would look ok? Has anyone else tried wearing a scarf like that?

  2. Well, I guess nevermind because they just updated their site and the scarf isnt there anymore! lol. Maybe Ill catch it at the outlet:graucho:
  3. ive tried it with the ponytail ones but it wasnt long enough
  4. I use my zebra print scarf as a belt - by the way that one is on it's way to the outlet if that is the one you were looking at!
  5. ^^^^:nuts: It was! and I couldnt decided on the Brown or the Green, so if I can get them at the outlet, maybe I can get both!:graucho:
  6. I think scarves are very cute as belts, if tied off to the side..

  7. ITA!! I love it!!
  8. Wow - that went to the outlet fast - I've only had mine for a few weeks! I do use the longer oblongs as belts sometimes too, but haven't tried the Zebra yet.
  9. i think it would look cute with the right outfit
  10. I think it would look pretty cute! Go for it!