Anyone use Clinque 3-step products???

  1. I normally use the #2 in step 2 (the clarifying lotion purple liquid stuff) and I had to buy more and went to Macy's. The lady told me I should bump it up to a #3 b/c I have combination oily skin. So I've been using it and it works 10 times better than the #2 but it burns so bad!!!!! Is that normal??????
  2. I used to use Clinique 3 step when I was a teenager. The "burning" just means that the alcohol content is too high for your skin at this time. Not sure where you live, since "santa" will be coming to TPF, but perhaps with the weather changes, you should stick with #2. You do't want to overdry your skin. Good luck.
  3. im in florida. the burn only lasts for about a min. then stops. should it not even burn at all??
  4. I heard those are JAM packed with alcohol, which was the reason I stopped using em.. it did burn for me when I used it as well, specially after I shaved.
  5. The active ingredient in the clarifying lotion is actually witch hazel, I believe. The problem with using such harsh drying agents on your skin is that it actually stimulates oil production.
  6. i use clinique but the clarifying lotion i only used a couple times becuase it made my skin bright red, and had to use hyrdocortisone for a few days to make it go away.
  7. i thought the active ingredient was doing its work whenever my skin burned! haha. :p
  8. I love it!! I only use it every other day because my skin is pretty well behaved *knock on wood* but every once in awhile when I break out I bump up my usage to two times a day and my skin clears up instantly. I swear by it :biggrin:
  9. I've got quite dry sensitive skin so i used the mildest clarifying lotion which is alcohol free. love the dramatically different moisturiser!
  10. Haha, I thought so too! I didn't notice a real difference in my skin from using these products, so once I finished them off I stopped using them.
  11. I use the Acne solutions and I am really satisfied with the antibacterial soap. its hand milled so it last forever, and I use the clarifying lotion (green bottle) and the dramatically lotion. all three works great!!
  12. I used clinique 3 step last year but that purple clarifying lotion stung as well. I thought it meant the stuff was working. But also as someone mentioned above, the three step system just did not work for me so i stopped it....
  13. I've been an avid Clinique-aholic for the past 6 or 7 years now. I've used the 3-Step the entire time. I remember that in the beginning it did burn (I used #2) but it did go away within 2 weeks. I just pulled out my bottle of CL and on the back it says "The tingle tells you it's working." If it's actually burning your skin to the point of it being unbearable then stop because that's not good!, but if it lasts for a few seconds and goes away that's fine. When I use it, it feels sort of cool/cold on my face and then goes away. It's really refreshing to me, actually. :yes:
  14. i used too, but its so harsh!
  15. I've used it too, but it didn't really do anything for me so I stopped.