Anyone use clean and clear products?

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  1. I have started breaking out...first time since my teens (i'm in my 30's). I was thinking of trying clean and clear products. Anyone use them or have some reviews on which ones are good? Thanks.
  2. Yes I had the clearest nicest skin until 2 yrs ago, age 26 when I started breaking out badly along my chin and right cheek. I tend to respond to salic acid better than benzoyl. Benzoyl is too harsh which makes it worse and ruins linens to boot. So, I like the salic acid Advantage cleanser, acne gel and lotion alot. I recommend getting the whole kit. The items are also sold seperate if you run out of one. The website has a $5 coupon you can download too. hth:smile:
  3. I really like their moisturizers. I have oily skin and these did a great job keeping my skin hydrated and did not make me break out.
  4. They make the very best oil blotting papers on the market (regardless of price), IMO...I have oily skin too, and they are a must-have for me.
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    ^So did you notice that their oil absorbing sheets have mineral oil listed as their second ingredient? :confused1: Very odd...that's why I don't use their papers anymore (I used to and agree, they work but I can't get over the oil content since I'm paranoid about clogged pores). Anyways, what is the concept behind absorbing oil with MORE oil? :P I'll just stick to Shiseido for blotting papers.

    I do use Clean & Clear salicylic acid acne treatments though since my skin doesn't handle benzoyl peroxide very well....
  6. I always get sucked in by their products & use them once or twice without a problem... then my skin FREAKS out :hrmm:
  7. My hubby uses the Dual Action acne moisturizer, it works pretty good on his skin.
  8. Eeeeeeep!!! I never noticed this...thanks for filling me in! I hate mineral oil, my skin gets so shiny that I avoid oil-based products like the plague. I am trying out another brand now (gloMineral) that isn't as good, though...sigh...will look for other alternatives...
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    ^LOL I was horrified when I found out too...if you look at many of the different blotting sheets and their ingredients...many have some type of oil listed. I've seen some with tea tree oil but I still can't get over the oil concept. LOL I avoid those like the plague. :P I've always been super anal about ingredients since finding oil listed in a lot of matte/oil-control products (there are many out there for some odd reason)! :shocked: Seems like such a contradiction....
  10. Hey, so a little off topic Loquita, but I recommend PeterThomasRoth Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel - I use this on my T-Zone (no oil ingredients, btw :graucho:) and I RARELY have to blot anymore!!! The stuff is the BOMB!!! Pic is off Sephora's website.

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