Anyone use Chanel parfumes?

  1. do you like them?

    Which one{s}?

    I don't, I have tried a few but after I wear them for a bit they don't seem like 'me' really.

    I wear Bvlgari and Quel Ques Fleurs.
  2. I sometimes wear Chance. I love the smell of it but I too feel like it doesn't seem like me.

    Bvlgari smells amazing. I don't wear it because my twin sister does. Can't wear the same as her.
  3. my sig scent is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle - has been since the day it came out! many have stopped me to ask what it was... I also have the classic Chanel No.5 & Chanel Cristalle. All are very different, but smell wonderful!
  4. Bvlgari is a great perfume. I wear that sometimes. I have a bottle of Chanel's Allure that I wear once in a while but mainly use Armani Night and Mania.
    I constantly switch fragrances...just like changing out my bags.
  5. OMG Swanky, my best friend in Arizona wears Quel Ques Fluer. I don't think a lot of girls wear or know of QQF. I don't know if you have Loehmanns where you live but once in awhile you can get the spray really cheap for like $40 or $50. She ususally asks me to send her some because it is the real deal and it is like 1/3 of the price.

    My fiancee bought me Chance a few years back and I liked it. I mostly wear Hermes - Hiris or Rose Ikebana. My all time favorite was Sheer Tiffany but they do not make it anymore:crybaby:
  6. I LOVe Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
  7. bella, I agree, most Ladies do not wear this scent! I lived in Houston and bought 3 bottles from Loehmanns before moving to Dallas. I get stopped all the time w/ people asking me about it. And the Ladies who do wear it can spot it a mile away!
  8. Me too. I mainly wear Mademoiselle. Have been wearing it for years. I get so many compliments on it from both men and women. On days I want something a little lighter to wear I use Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue. It's a refreshing scent.
  9. I love Blush by Marc Jacobs! It's very subtle... =)
  10. I have many perfumes but my favorite one of all is Quel Que Fleures! It's true not too many know about the perfume. I do have Chanel perfumes too.
  11. i do! have chanel coco mademoiselle and chance. but usually for night use. I just use clean ultimate or donna karan cashmere mist for day
  12. I do. I have both Chanel 5 and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle . But coco mademoiselle is my allt ime favorite;.
  13. I only wear Mademoiselle and sometimes Allure by Chanel...I seem to find the other Chanel perfumes too overpowering...I also wear Ellen Tracy and Ralph Lauren perfumes (especially Lauren Style)
  14. I don't wear Chanel fragrances.

    For special occasions I layer my scents, the lower layer is Dark Blue by Hugo Boss (its for men) and the top scent is Dior Addict Parfum (not the eau de toilette).

    For day to day I use Body Shop Vanilla body mist.
  15. I switch between D&G and Nr 5.