Anyone use by Terry foundation????

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  1. I was wondering about this foundation. It seems to have some great ingredients, alomg witha great price. Has anyone used it or know anything about it? I am inquiring about the liquid foundation,I believe it around $120. TIA
  2. I have not used the foundation but I used the concealer which I love. Her stuff is expensive though.
  3. I got it as a sample from Barney's in Chicago. I found it to be quite thick, so a little goes a long way. It also has a very strong perfume smell as well. When I first tried it on I used way too much and it looked cakey, but once I remembered to use only a little amount it looked nice. I would ask your SA for a sample before you splurge.
  4. I have used by Terry since it first came out. Her products are quite good.

    A little goes a long way, her concealer is terrific and her enhancer's are also

    good. See if you can get a sample and then try it. I think you will be happy
  5. i haven't used that particular foundation but i have used the one that comes in brush form and it's fabulous!
  6. If you can get to the Barney's here in LA there is a great gal who will

    make you a sample that you could try for a few days and the one with the

    brush is just fabulous.. the colors and coverage is just right for now