Anyone use BREATHE from Bath and Body Works?

  1. I have these coupons that came with the tote I bought. I bought 8 totes so I have 8 of these. I totally forgot about them since I wasn't going to use them but it just occured to me that maybe one of you would like the coupon.

    I have severe allergies so I can't handle the scents.

    It is for the BREATHE line. I think you can choose the one you want, there is a pink (romance - below), blue (Serenity), baby blue (Calm), orange (Delight), yellow (Energy), Brown (Comfort) line.

    The coupon is for you to get 3 full sized items:
    Fragrance Mist, Foam Bath, and Body Lotion.

    It retails for $45 but with the coupon it will be $29.

    Let me know if you are interested. Because I totally forgot about these, I just realized they end on the 14th, so I need to ship them out today. But I will tell you the truth, I have used 2 of these about 1 month after the expiration and they still took them (since I had to pay to get these coupons, it was a little different than the usual coupons you get for free -- so if we are a day or two late, I think it will still be okay.

    Just let me know who wants one and I will mail it out today.

    Here's what their website says about the Pink line "ROMANCE"a:

    "Sweet papaya wood, seductive myrrh and honeyed orange mingle in this sensuous fragrance.

    • Amber Myrrh fragrance inspires true romance :heart: :graucho:
    With hydrating honey, nourishing soymilk and sugar, this creamy bath milk creates luxurious foam and abundant lather to condition and soften skin. Let its sensuous fragrance inspire true romance.

    • Leaves skin feeling nourished
    • Softens and conditions bath water
    • Provides rich, luxurious, long-lasting foam
    • Amber Myrrh fragrance inspires true romance
    With vitamin E, white tea and rich, concentrated moisturizers, this elegant, lightweight body lotion gives skin a daily dose of long-lasting moisture and protection. Let its sensuous fragrance inspire true romance.

    • 24 hr. Moisturization
    • Silky, luxurious application
    • Includes Breathe Moisture Complex, which contains vitamins and antioxidants
    • Amber Myrrh fragrance inspires true romance "

    Remember these are for the full sizes!
  2. bumping....

    I want to get to the Post Office by 1 so I thought I would bump this for one last try....

    Oops, typo, $29.50 (I forgot the $.50).
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