Anyone use Bluefly who lives in Canada

  1. Anyone in Canada bought from Bluefly? I think the shipping cost is outrageous does anyone know if you pay customs on top of that price?
  2. It is outrageous!! When you check out, the price they give you should already including customs fee. I find that it's not worth it to order as a Canadian. Also, if you use international check out, you won't be able to use the coupon codes.:sad2:
  3. i know! so not worth it to ship to canada! :sad2:
  4. I've ordered from them a few times--only when I really wanted something. They add the customs and taxes when they calculate the total cost, and they inflate it considerably!

    It's robbery--we have less shopping options in Canada, and they capitalize on that. Unfortunately, because we have fewer shopping options in Canada, I've ordered from them twice. :sad:
  5. Aww.. sucks, where is the love for the States' neighbours to the north !?
  6. Well if you have family members in the U.S. you can have them purchase it and ship it to you and send them money for it...usually I just use my own credit card and send it to a U.S address, but bluefly doesnt allow that, but every other store does..thats what I do to avoid taxes and duties!
  7. I know this an old thread but would just like to add something. I'm in Canada and I know someone who lives in the US. So everytime I purchase something from the US including Bluefly, I just ship it to him and ask him to reship it to me and mark the package as a gift. Works like a charm each time.
  8. I bought a pair for Gucci cashmere & leather gloves for a gift for Christmas, for someone who is travelling across country to spend Christmas here. I made sure I placed my order way early (Mid November) in hopes to beat the mail rush AND to provide ample time for shipping from the US to Canada. It has now been 2 weeks and nothing. My tracking number that they gave me brings me to an "oops" page or something rediculous!

    I have contacted them on 4 seperate occasion, with the promise that they will email me or call me back with answers and NOTHING. Also, the customer service hours that they have posted on the website are B.S. So, with it being 3 weeks until Christmas, still no package, even if I do file for a refund that takes forever so I hear, not to mention transfering the $ from my PP account to my checking - so I'm pretty much S.O.L. with hundreds of dollars tied up, all for nothing.

    I am so pissed at bluefly I could scream.

    Never again.
  9. Seems that Bluefly are having all kinds of troubles right about now. I am so sorry to hear about your delayed package, but at least with 3 weeks to go then there is at least still a chance that your order will get to you in time for Christmas. It is no consolation though i know when they have obviously shipped far after the fact of ordering or sent it to you snail mail. Plus their terrible customer service is not excusable. I e-mailed them this morning with a promise of a reply within 24 hours (i think it said) and nothing yet, i won't hold my breath after hearing that you contacted them FOUR times to no avail. They really need to buck their ideas up...FAST!
  10. ehhh... i don't like bluefly either. Good luck with everything! :smile:
  11. i have to return something to bluefly and i paid for the upfront customs and duty option that was offered instead of the COD.

    The item was shipped via DHL, anyone know how i can get the duty and taxes refunded as I didn't get the customs return form because I pre-paid. Bljefly saya I need to speak to my local customs office...?

    Thanks in advance.
  12. Call Canada Revenue Agency. I think there is a B2G or something form you have to fill out and send it to them. I just returned something too!
  13. I have never done either of the pre-paid options - just COD Customs & $7.95 option for 3 purchases thus far. I paid less in Customs with bluefly than I did or do anytime I've ordered from Shopbop.

    Thus far, I've ordered 2 RMs and a Chloe change purse. The Nikki was around $315 with shipping; $53 or so customs. The other RM was $171 and I paid $32. I got off with no customs for the Chloe purchase. However, I find shipping with Bluefly/DHL $7.95 options takes forever. Do not use this if you need your purchase yesterday - all of mine have taken at least 2 weeks, sometimes up to 3 to get here (and I don't live in a rural area; the city.)
  14. I have purchased from BLuefly and have chosen the COD option and the cheapest shipping rate. It was SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than choosing the pre-paid option. I paid almost 400.00 for a pair of Dior heels. All I payed in duty was 60.00. As another poster mentioned, they are one of the cheapest ways to go if ordering from the States.
  15. I just placed an order with Bluefly (first time) and chose the COD option. Hoping for the best!