anyone use bidpay?

  1. I sold a bag on ebay and the seller wanted to use a CC, even though I have a premier acct that accepts CC, everytime she would go to check out via paypal and try to pay me, it would only give her the option of using her checking account (instant transfer) and would gray out the option for her to use her CC. on the top of the screen a ! along with a note that said something to the effect that only some payment methods are allowed for this transaction. I called paypal and was told that they do this for security..she called paypal and was told the same thing. So since she wanted to use her CC i had her use, she sent payment 07/26/06 and has yet to have her payment approved, I called and they said they are backed up and that they dont know when they can verify her order and approve it...since she wants to use her CC and paypal is being a :censor: what other options should I give her? can she use her CC to western union me funds, or can she use her CC to get a cashiers check/MO??

    I bought a wallet on ebay today and went to pay via paypal an only was given the option in using my CC or echeck, NO INSTANT TRANSFER was given to me even though ive been using that for the last 2 weeks. I got the same message she did. weird. anyone else have similar experiences?
  2. Oh strange, wonder why Paypal is blocking that out. Maybe it's because it's not as profitable since they don't always get to charge the 3% fee.

    Anyways, I have asked buyers to use Bidpay but this was prior to the change in services - Western Union ran the joint ! It took about 3-4 days to approve it, I had no idea that the new services were backed up.

    I hope it all works out. Have you also tried invoicing by email address rather than trying to get the buyer to pay through checkout ? That may also work !
  3. Yikes...I have never had that problem.
    In terms of bidpay....I would give it another couple days (since it is the weekend)...and if nothing clears by Tuesday morning I would call again.
  4. Oh BTW....if she has any funds whatsoever in her paypal account it won't let you do the credit card. It wants you to drain your paypal account first and then use CC.
    I had this happen yesterday...I wanted to pay via CC, and I had to completely empty out my paypal balance before I could. Maybe that is her problem?
  5. I just paid for something earlier this afternoon on Paypal and used a credit card with no problem. Maybe there's some sort of glitch in the system? Sounds weird to me.