Anyone use Bare minerals/Bare escentials?

  1. With all the craze here and the late night infomercial I happened to catch, I bought the package of bareminerals at Sephora.

    I had such a hard time evening out the powders on my skin because they got cakey on my cheeks also the kabuki brush keeps shedding!

    do you ladies
    (1) Use all your regular regimen of toner, moisturizer, base, foundation, then use the bareminerals as a lose powder at the end?

    (2) Or use the powder itself instead of the makeup base, foundation, and powder?

    Also what is the difference between bare minerals and bare escentials? Or are they simply different brands for the same stuff?
  2. i use it and love it! i dont find that the powders get cakey on me at all... I use the powder instead of a base or foundation but i was never really very big on foundation or base to begin with and since my only skin flaw is a little bit of redness on my cheeks i dont feel like i need a heavy foundation and it makes me feel ickY? lol but i think bare mnerals and bare escentials are just different brands to my knowledge... i got mine on an insomniac night of watching qvc.
  3. I am a BE user and I use my regular face regimen of toner moisturizer and then use the BE foundation blush do my eyes the set it all with Mineral Veil whuich to me is the best invention ever!!!

    ps-Bare Escentuals is the company that makes Bare Minerals and its one in the same-for great deakls on it check they have some great sets!
  4. I bought a starter kit from sephora and am SO in love with it - so much so that I threw ALL my foundation stuff away after about 2 weeks of using BE stuff. Here is what I have found works best:

    - use the primer lotion regularly - even if you don't use the foundation every day (I don't - just on the days I go into the studio).

    - wait about 20 minutes after putting the primer stuff on to dry off before applying the foundation - it will glide on much smoother

    - instead of the concealer, for spots and blemishes, dab your finger with some water and then dab some foundation and use that to cover dark circles, blemishes etc. - you will get true color match and it wont be as expensive to buy the additional 'bisque' concealer.

    - after you apply your foundation, use your kabuki brush quickly and like a buffing motion - don't re-apply any foundation when buffing - just buff out what you already have on.

    - use the warmth SPARINGLY and sort of as blush, plus on forhead and nose - but no where else because then it just looks weird. when you finish with mineral veil, you can blend in your warmth and get the final look.

    the whole thing takes less than 4 minutes once you get the hang of it. Like I told all the stylists at the studio - it's ALL about minerals! Toss out all the other stuff!
  5. I Have Bought A Starter Kit As Well. I Have Not Yet Had A Chance To Try It! I Look Forward To It!!! :smile:
  6. I just use the makeup and I love it!!!!!!!!!
  7. I've been using BE for about 10 months and I love it. The skin rever upper makes the minerals adhere better. When I wasn't using it, the foundation never looked right to me. I highly reccomend it.
  8. I like Bare Escentials but not for foundation - I adore their blushes plus clear radiance is a wonderful highlighter. Peggy
  9. Yes, I love Bare Escentuals. It's very natural looking. And the Bisque works great as a concealer. I love the face colors too.
  10. I bought my daughter the starter kit because she is experimenting with make-up and I wanted something natural for her to use. I think it looks wonderful on her.

    I use some of the other products, such as eye shadow, blush, etc. I actually have not bought anything in a long time because my products last forever and ever... probably out live me. I also use the Bare Escentuals self tanner.
  11. OK maybe I'm not buffing enough?!?!
    I dunno why my cheeks (the dry part) pick up more powder and becomes cakey/flaky...

    does anyone else have problems with shedding kabuki brush? It leaves at least 3 strands of hair everytime I buff.
  12. Hmm, sounds like you are using too much product? I never dip my brush directly into the product. With the lid closed, I tap the lid first and then open it, and there is a little bit inside the lid part. Then I swirl my brush in it. I use the short handled foundation brush. I have not tried the Kabuki brush. But you only need very little, and then buff really well. If you want more coverage, repeat again rather than using too much product at one time...:smile: hope this helps..
  13. Does Bare Minerals foundation last all day without touch-ups? I hate it when foundations melt off and there's nothing left by the end of the day...
  14. thanks annabelle I shall try using less product!! LOL
  15. I love BE! Started using it over a year ago and loved it ever since:P