Anyone use an LV for carrying their laptop? here mine...

  1. I don't have a laptop case yet, so i carry my dell 14.1" screen laptop around in my Batignolles vertical. anyone else carry their 'top in an LV? : )

    bv with dell.jpg

    bv dell out.jpg
  2. That's cute!
    I would be to scared that my laptop would be to heavy and my bag would break and the laptop would just smash on the floor! :wtf:
    I don't take my laptop out much cause it's way to heavy but if i did i would probably get BV cause your laptop looks to fit nicely in it!
  3. Yes, I use a damier geant messenger, it has a hard case that protects it too. =) It's perfect.

  4. My bf uses the same :smile: He loves it!
  5. I used to use my Mezzo for it when I went on trips but I got a new laptop and it doesn't fit now.
  6. it really is a nice fit, b/c the width of the bag still allows a lot of room for anything else i need like my wallet, planner, m/u, phone, etc, etc, etc. : ).
  7. I used my Neverfull MM for my 15 inch DELL laptop on a few trips.Works out fab for me
  8. how about y'all with mac laptops :smile: what do you use?
  9. I'm just surprised LV doesn't make a case for a lap top !
  10. They do - it's called the Sabana. Here's mine:

  11. wow this is just what I have been looking for...
  12. I've been looking for a bag that can hold my laptop, but in black. Any idea what I can use?
  13. i'm suprised they don't make (more) either. just the one below. i'm really suprised. seems like it would be a big seller for them.
  14. I got the Passy GM in black specifically for that reason. It fits my laptop in one compartment and all my files and note book in the other.