Anyone use a Stokke Xplory

  1. :smile:Hi ladies - I just wondered if any of you used or were contemplating a Stokke Xplory. If you are - then post a reply - I've got a review I can share with you - as its had some problems and they aren't being made clear by Stokke. These problems IMO are a safety issue - and at present I have Stokke in Holland looking into this with the design team and management.

    I don't want to bore you all with loads of details - but if any of you have or are getting one - then I'm happy to post the review.

  2. I don't have one but my friend just got one for her baby. I can't really believe how expensive they are. It's stylish, for sure, but not worth it IMO. I'd rather spend that cash on something more lasting, no offense meant of course.
  3. I love the style too, but not sure if i want to pay that much for it. I dont have a baby yet, but I've been looking around for stroller for future reference heheh
  4. :tup:Hi - well, I think you need to make your friend aware of a couple of points. The original Xplory which we had was bought in 2005 - baby born 2006 and the unit wasn't used until probably mid-end February 2006. Unit was used with baby bag (cot) and then with seat unit. In late November/early December 2006 the chassis 'failed' - the seat unit kept slipping down to the bottom of the chassis. Apparently, Stokke knew about it - but hadn't bothered as they hadn't had many back. The 'fix' for this is a small sliver of metal which inserts into the original spring mechanism and this then builds up just enough height for the locking mechanism to work again. I complained - as I thought this wasn't good enough - it was - for me - a safety issue. So I received a new chassis - which is the new chassis with the white pieces where there are moving parts. BTW Stokke knew about the initial problem back in 2005.

    So in mid December 2006 the new chassis arrived, and I was told there was not a problem with the new one! So great. A week last Sunday we were out - and whilst having lunch (the Stokke is great in a restaurant as you can use it as a high chair - so you don't get a grubby one with long lost food in it!!) - Corbin was sitting quite happily - when crunch - the seat unit went from the top to the very bottom with a bang. Fortunately he was at the end of the table facing towards Mum - or he would have quite plainly hit his face on the table. He got such a fright and so did we. The next day I contacted the retailer and said this new chassis had failed exactly the way the previous one had. Disbelief!! However, Stokke were contacted - and they sent out the pin fix again and are now looking into this matter.

    I consider this to be a serious serious flaw in a high-end unit. It just shouldn't happen, and to be honest - their customer care should be paramount. This child could easily have been badly injured - he is 19 months old. I'm now waiting to see what they find out - I am, however, not leaving this matter - as I don't want to see or hear of another child being hurt.

    I also understand that on the original chassis, i.e., pre end 2006/2007 there has been some kind of design fault on the wheels - which is causing some units a problem and they are having to have new wheels fitted. The new chassis do of course have different wheels from the original.

    I wouldn't want to 'scaremonger' I just feel that people should be aware. I have written a full review of the Stokke Xplory - pros and cons - and its available on eBay if you check the 'Reviews and Guides'.

    Anyway - the pushchair is absolutely wonderful when its not got a fault - its ideal - so nice and high for the little one - so so easy to manoevre - its great about town and shopping centres. However, its definitely not without fault.

    I've wittered on.............apologies.
  5. Yikes, the thing doesn't even look safe!
  6. Thanks for the info!! DH is obsessed with finding the 'right' stroller and was looking at these. I told him to start getting obsessed with painting the nursery instead. LOL
  7. It looks like a supermarket shopping cart to me. Saw it at a store and it doesn't look very safe ...
  8. It looks like the center of gravity is too high up.
  9. You would think that for an $800 stroller Stokke would get it right. I bought my sister one last year and she loves. No safety problems whatsoever but now after reading this I'm worried as I amprobably going to inherit my sis' for #2.

    Please keep us posted.
  10. Will do!!
  11. Ladies - I would stress that the Stokke Xplory is safe - fault free its a great pushchair. We haven't ever had a problem with anything. The centre of gravity is absolutely fine, it can't tip!! Honestly! The shopping bag is on the front and is huge!! No need to put anything on handles etc. It does look odd - but Corbin loves it - as he is SO high up, he isn't amongst peoples legs, and at dog level etc., he can see people face to face more or less. That part of it is brilliant. However. At the price we paid which was basically £800 its not cheap - and as such I think if there is a problem - it should be dealt with.

  12. Bumping this to find out whether they've fixed the chassis-failure issue? I am torn between this and a Cameleon...
  13. Stylefly, have you gone and tried them both out? Make sure you do. It makes such a huge different from just looking online and reading about them.

    I had a really, really, really hard time with the fold and unfold for the Xplory. The sales rep made it look so easy, but I just could not get it.
  14. I am not surprised, this is the most ridiculous looking piece of baby equipment I have ever seen and a close second would be their stupid and uncomfortable looking highchairs.
  15. I had tried the Cameleon last week but not the Xplory...I went in on Friday to look at both and didn't even touch the Xplory. It looks top-heavy and with not as many features as the Cameleon, plus it's heavier...