Anyone Use A Pocket Organizer?

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  1. Hi,

    Would love to hear from any gals who use a pocket organizer as a compact wallet.....any feedback/pics would be appreciated! :smile:
  2. Not me, but DH has been using a pocket organizer for the past 10 years.

    He puts all his cards (7 or 8) in the organizer, then carries a money clip for cash.
  3. Thx! I've been wanting to see one in person which I intend to do this week. Currently using an Empreinte cles as a wallet and deciding if I should stick with it or switch to something else.
  4. I've been using mine along with my empriente cles for my nano bags and for traveling.
    I put all my essential cards in the organizer and cash in the cles. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463970980.171004.jpg
  5. I have 3! I love these little gems. They are great when I carry smaller bags like my Eva, Felicie, Twinset or pochette. You can't go wrong with them.
  6. Thanks! Going to LV this week to check them out. I have about 10-12 cards in my Emp cles and it's still quite slim. Wondering if the PO would get bulky/bulge when closed.
  7. Still have the old model ; wanted to sell it but so easy to use Inside my small bags. Put my essentials cards.
  8. My DH uses one but he's a cards only, no cash kinda guy. He can fit all his essential cards like debit, credit, drivers license, medical, benefits, work swipe card with a bit of folded cash from time to time if absolutely necessary but it doesn't fit much else. If you have a lot of points cards or gift cards it probably wouldn't work. I have a zcp which is still compact but can fit my essentials plus a few daily used points cards, coins and some folded cash. I've actually managed to make this into my daily wallet and I carry the rest of my points/gift cards with my business cards.
  9. I use my pocket organizer (mine is a mon Damier graphite with a hot pink interior) as a mini wallet. I carry my drivers license, one mako credit card and one debit card along with any insurance cards so that way, I can grab it and go. If I need to take some cash with me, I can tuck it into one of the folds so it's very convenient when I'm on the go. I do carry a full size emilie wallet for cash but when I need to just grab and go or if I take a smaller purse/clutch, my pocket organizer is my fav!
  10. Thanks for the feedback! I've been using my Empreinte cles as my grab and go and the only reason I started doubting it is when I tried to put a bunch of coins in it...made it too heavy and bulky. I either need to get a separate something for coins and keep using my cles for cards ...or get perhaps a business card holder/pocket organizer for cards and use my cles for coins... or just stop using coins period. First world decisions, right?!
  11. First world problems for sure!!!! Hahaha I did the same thing. I went back and forth between using my cles for coins and then I got this super cute all leather bulldog shaped coin purse from fossil that I used for a bit but eventually I got lured back to LV....wound up with a full size wallet, pocket organizer and cles...still pondering whether or not I want the round coin purse....Aaannnddd the addiction continues! Hahaha
  12. Too funny! Well you have a great collection. I seem to try to rationalize every piece I'm considering!
  13. I used my pocket organiser for almost 2 years and love it. I can fit 10 cards and a little cash. I switched to my empreinte Cles recently but love the organization of the pocket organizer. [​IMG]
    I also use the hermes bastia for coins and think its fantastic. It's leather, comes in a lot of colors and I believe costs less than the round coin purse. [​IMG]
  14. Great to hear, thx! I've seen videos on the Bastia too and it seems everyone loves them. So fun and bright! I'm not crazy about the round coin purse..prefer the DE canvas cle for something like coins or to switch out with my Emp cles for a change. I do like the Pocket Organizer though....ugh....and even the Emp business card holder. Maybe redundant though! I'm nuts. It's official!
  15. Hey FF, which nanos do you have?