anyone use a NANNY CAM?

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  1. have to ask.....LMAO!
    Im thinking of getting nanny and unsure,,Id feel better if i saw for myself how she is with my baby..
  2. All I know is that it takes a lot of trust to put your baby with someone else... do you need to let someone know you have a camera, or no?

    Love that little guy Jill! Sorry I am of no help
  3. If I had a nanny I would definitely use one. Better to be safe than sorry. :yes:
  4. I have a new nanny that started this week.....I like her but.....I trust NOONE with my little guy..LOL....I had a background check done on her..but u never know..sigh
  5. It is really tricky. Jill, if that would make you feel more comfortable and it is ok to do, then do it.

    Is she home while you are home? Or are you gone often?
  6. ^I run shopping,etc..then i have one day a week I take TAY out for a girls night....
  7. I totally would do it and will definitely do it. I would let the nanny know but I will definitely have one. You never know. I think you should but I am always scared about kids... even if you like/know your nanny, it would be good to see what goes on.

    Good luck!!
  8. i don't have kids yet, but my DH sez that if we ever had a babysitter or nanny he would definitely get a nanny cam. i used to just say that my DH is overly paranoid about things, but i figure when i'm eventually a mother i will likely feel the same..better safe that sorry!
  9. I don't have kids yet, but I think I would use one for the first week or so until I trusted them - you really can't be too careful thesedays.
  10. I don't see the point in letting her know. I mean, if you tell her and say she wants to do something terrible to your child, wouldn't she just avoid doing it in front of the cam and go into another room? I realize that you don't have to tell her where the cam is, but still....Chances are nobody puts one in the bathroom, right? The nanny could go in there.

    Jill, I say do it. I mean, nothing is more important than protecting your child and you need to have the piece of mind when its a child too small to articulate to you a problem. I'd do it if I were leaving my kids in the house with someone.
  11. My SIL was considering having a nanny come to her house to watch her daughter, and I recommended she get one! I would have a hard time trusting someone too unless it was someone I'd known for ages. I would use one!
  12. If you're home overlapping with her a lot of the time, I would wait and see how you feel once you see her interact. In the meantime, show up at random times and see what you think. You could even park on the street and walk up so that she has less notice that you're coming.

    Our nanny was our night nanny for 3 1/2 months when DS was born, so I got comfortable after seeing her around him all the time. I'm also popping in and out frequently now, so I see her with him at unannounced times. I don't feel like I need to see every minute I'm not there. To be honest, they're out most of the time at the park or library or store or wherever, so it wouldn't matter. I have never walked in on him crying and he's thrilled to see the nanny when she arrives (sometimes I worry more so than me, but then he'll usually reach back to me after giving her a hug, so I feel better), so I'm pretty sure everything is good.

    It's not that I think nannycams are bad in principle; if it will make you feel better, then by all means go for it. I just think that as bagsaremybabies said, unless you're going to wire up the whole house for surveillance, there's very little point, especially now that baby is mobile and could be anywhere in the house.

    ETA: one more thought -- have you done a trial run with her where you actually are home while she's around? I know the best local nanny agency has every nanny do a try-out week before the contracts get signed to make sure it's a good fit. Maybe something like that would make you feel better (though would be a bit stifling for a week when you're around.)?
  13. It must be weird. I am a SAHM and I know that not many people have the luxury to do that. I could not imagine leaving my baby with a stranger but I really admire people who do that. I think trusting your child with a stranger is one of those tough decisions that you have to make as a parent and it is made to the benefit of your family financially and for your career etc.or just to get things done and attend doctor's appointments if you don't have anyone else that you know and trust to help. I would have peace of mind knowing that my child wasn't being abused and was well taken care of so I would probably consider it myself.
  14. My baby will be taken care of by it's grandfather or grandmother ;) So I wouldn't need one, but if it was a complete stranger, I would def. do it.
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    My friend's got a nanny and both the 8-month old and my mate love her, so I'll have a nanny from the same agency. And hopefully she will be nice and trustworthy person, I'll also run errands and be popping in/out at unannounced times (as I do with my cleaning lady).

    Thanks for bringing this issue in anyway, I'd better check what cams are available!

    Unfortunately I'll be moving abroad to join my husband once the baby has arrived, so neither my in-laws nor my parents can take care of their grandchild, though they'd love it.