Anyone use a featherbed? Do you like it?

  1. i had a feather bed many years ago. which was great. it made my bed so much more softer . i stoped using it cuz the feathers kept coming out.
  2. Yes, I have one on my bed. It just makes the bed a little softer-I love it!
  3. I have used one on my bed. I loved it, I never wanted to get out of But the feathers went everywhere! Especially when you flip it.
  4. i had one, but the feathers kept poking me. over time, it wasn't as fluffy as it once was too. now i have a 3" 4lb density memory foam mattress topper which i think works much better. if you are set on getting a featherbed, i would recommend getting a down alternative one instead of one made from real feathers.
  5. I LOVED my old feather bed. It was so awesome. It felt like I was sleeping on clouds.
  6. Boyfriend bought one for his...I mean our...bed about a year ago. Yes, they make the bed feel all comfy and cozy and all, but I noticed that whenever I take the fitted sheet off of the featherbed little feathers are everywhere. And I do mean EVERYWHERE. If you don't mind feathers all over your bedroom, in your hair, eyes, mouth, on/in your pets, and then showing up randomly for days after the featherbed was last exposed, go for it. As for ours, we haven't removed it, but it makes it a chore for me to wash the sheets.
  7. I used to have one but graduated up to the memory foam mattress topper. Sooooo much better!
  8. mine isn't made from feathers but it's made to make your bed softer...kind of like a huge bed pillow that is the size of my mattress. one day decided to take it off and see if there really was a difference...lets just say i don't sleep without it
  9. Have one. Love it. No feather problems with it. I have been wondering about the foam topper though.
  10. I use them in the cooler months. They really keep you toast warm! I bought them all from The Company Store. I'm sure they have a website.

    Feather beds rock! Mine are part down and part feather.
  11. I purchased one from a company called Northern Nights off QVC in the UK - l dont have any problems with feathers at all - absolutely love it - so do my children and dogs ....zzzzzzzz:tup:
  12. Oh yes, it is sooo soft and comfy you don't want to get out of bed :tender:...that is untill the next time feathers poke you
  13. I used to have one and like everyone else said comfy but the feathers come out. I have a a quilted matress pad which is also pretty comfy.
  14. I have a Laura Ashley featherbed that I put on top of the mattress. It's extremely comfy and I haven't had much problems with feathers sticking out. I think I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond (with a 20% off coupon!).