Anyone use a cradle?

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  1. So I'm up last night cruising various baby furniture sites and fell in love with a white wooden cradle. It's actually a pretty affordable and wondered if anyone used one and if they found it useful.
  2. We used my old cradle from when I was a baby (my Dad refurbished it so that the spindles were closer together and it was safer than 30+ years ago!)...we found it to be extremely useful because it fit perfectly on my side of the bed (space on my side is at a premium, of course DH's side is a wide open space :P); I was BFing so I could just reach over and pick up my DS. We put our DS in his crib at 4 months, took apart the cradle and put it under our bed where it is waiting for the next LO!

    For us the cradle was easiest because we already had a pack-n-play in our family room and we didn't need something that later became another pack-n-play.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
  3. we used one with my second daughter. The pac n play that had the bassinet was in Greece and we needed something in the family room where we spend most of the day. It really was very helpful and looked so pretty. We now have stored it and will use it again for the next LO!
  4. Our master bedroom is too small to hold our bed and the crib, but DH and I wanted to keep DD in the room with us for the first few months just to keep an eye on her, and to reduce the risk of SIDS. We bought an amazing maple cradle and kept it at my bedside. We had her crib in her room for naps, and a bassinet (which transformed into a toy box) for the first couple of months around the house, and after that we used the pack-n-play which had the bassinet option which we used up until she could sit up. When she was able to do that we just transformed the pack-n-play into a regular playpen. DH and I ended up keeping DD in the room w/us, in her cradle until she was able to pull herself to a standing position. Then we moved her into her crib in her room. The transition wasn't so difficult for her because we had already been putting her for naps in her crib during the day, so she was used to it by then.